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Draiman Is Charging Ahead In The Race For Mayor Of LA

Draiman is charging ahead in the race for Mayor of LA

December 19, 2012

Re"Draiman is gaining momentum against his rivals for Mayor of Los Angeles"

YJ Draiman

Seventy-seven days remaining to the Los Angeles primary election of March 5, 2013. The Conservative candidate - who wants to make LA "The World Capital of Renewable-energy", The Independent contender, Yehuda YJ Draiman, is challenging LA's political machine and gaining strength with the message to the voters - "if you all vote, we can take back our city", we outnumber the special interests voters at least 8-2. It seems to be a very powerful and realistic slogan.

The current elected insider candidates for mayor by utilizing visible, powerful, slight, innocuous but forceful sense - each of his three rivals insiders has held office and set City Hall policy for more than 12 years, which explains how the insiders contributed to the city's desperate condition and financial insolvency. This system will eventually bankrupt the city of LA - Draiman is systematically breaking down the political machine that is holding Angelenos hostage he is methodically breaking down their hold on LA city government.

Draiman has stated that they the insiders made the mess, which should disqualify them from running for any office, especially the mayors, while they are continuing on the road to bankrupt the city of LA. With that kind of record, no wonder Draiman's claims are not ignored.

Draiman is Different

As one of the two viable unelected candidates - Draiman is building a following that has no allegiance to any political party, when it comes to put the right person for the job of Mayor. Draiman states that as independent, his loyalty is to the people of Los Angeles and the City, therefore he is the right candidate at the right time, and given the chance, he can bring our city to economic and financial health.

In the past twenty months, Draiman with over 20 years of energy and utility auditing experience contended that the opposition insiders have contributed to the economic and financial havoc in our city that is why they are not qualified for the office of Mayor. The insiders' record of accomplishment is littered with poor judgment, they voted for multitude of bills that are detrimental to our city's health. They have caused many of the problems that now ail Los Angeles.

The insiders, his opponents, have tried to enumerate their debatable accomplishments in the past 12 years. They keep harping on those questionable accomplishments ignoring all their failures that caused our current disastrous condition.

Draiman has stated that the insiders' guidance and dubious accomplishments have brought our city to its knees.

Our city is on the verge of bankruptcy, a crumbling infrastructure, schools in disarray, economy in shambles, businesses and people are leaving the city in droves, a transportation system and traffic pattern that is highly inadequate for Los Angeles, no transparency and above all the total loss of trust by Angelenos.

You are the 12 years veterans of our city council contributed to the catastrophic situation the city of Los Angeles is currently facing, that is what Mr. Draiman is telling his better-known rivals.

Projecting His Image

Draiman's repeated charges that insiders' past poor performance if not negligent performance, is the crux of our city's problems. Draiman has shown his understanding and devotion to the challenge at hand, which is to start changing the direction our city, is currently heading.

Draiman's approach is primarily tackling the economy and jobs, he states that addressing these problems as top priority will reduce or resolve some of the other issues. He would initiate a program for Made in America products. This would require certain tax benefits to the manufacturer of products or other new businesses in Los Angeles. Any unemployed person, who returns to the workforce, reduces the dependency for financial and social support by the government. Thus it turns the worker into a revenue generator for the government, while the employee's earning are spent on goods and services, which boosts the economy further.

Draiman asserts that the city of Los Angeles must make it easy for businesses to thrive. This will create employment and increase revenues to the government and it will create the multiplier effect.

Draiman claims that by increasing the bureaucracy taxes and fees, it depresses the economy, reduces business development, which in turn reduces consumer spending and as a result reduces revenues to the government.

Draiman is supposed to have been a long shot in a field dominated by three City Hall elected officials with name recognition. City Councilman Eric Garcetti, the most favorite for his own so-called accomplishments. City Controller and former Councilperson Wendy Greuel, a close second choice or maybe first choice, and Councilperson Jan Perry, most likely the third on the list.

While Draiman is considerably behind the three leading contenders in the race in fundraising, many claim that such deficiency is hard to overcome. That is why he is not at the top of the list.

Unless those people occupying the seats at the mayoralty discussions, and unless his rivals are pretending to be concerned, ignoring Mr. Draiman could come to haunt them in the end.

We See a Pattern

Those who have witnessed the various mayoral candidates presentations - have noticed, a specific pattern:

Mr. Garcetti, keeps stating how he has authored..."

Ms. Greuel's performance is similar. Ms. Perry has somewhat of a milder performance.

Mr. Draiman, has, continually addressed the critical issues with logical solutions, which puts his opponents on notice that they must respond accordingly.