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Honor, Honesty and Integrity these are not just words - YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles

YJ Draiman

Honor, Honesty and Integrity these are not just words

YJ Draiman for Mayor of Los Angeles

Honor, Honesty and Integrity these are not just words

At times we feel maybe justified in violating a part of our own integrity.
We don't measure the effect that by doing so, the amount of damage
that it does to others as well as to our own soul.

We speak of justice; we speak of honesty and doing the right things in
life. We are sometimes confronted not so much by the violation of
these principles but by the impact they have on our own spirit.

Feeling betrayed by those you trust, who have in some way acted in a manner that you may never understand,

will have an impact on your life. This may only be for a moment or maybe a lifetime;

each person has their own emotional point of tolerance to transgressions that may have been committed by even the most trusted among you.

These words are what make's us civilized. They are the fundamentals
of our own character. We can not be responsible for someone else's
behavior but we are in total control of our own. Our behavior in any
setting should be guided by these words.

We can forgive others, but it is not easy for us to forgive ourselves
when it is our actions that bring forth circumstances that no one
wants. I have felt recently that betrayal, that dishonest act that just
hurts and saddens the soul. Of course, that does not make that person
bad or evil. It is an act that does not help for the survival of a group.

I believe in the biblical statement that vengeance is the Lord's it is not
mine to give. When dealing with anyone in any capacity honesty is the
guide. Integrity is the path to take. Honor is yours to own. Weep as
you may for an infraction of another upon you; forgive as that
transgression will also corrupt your soul to a deeper distrust of all.

For the transgressor it will be easy to do that which they may feel is
right, though the action violates all honor or self respect which creates
havoc and chaos on others. Maybe to be honest will allow one to sleep
at night. My heart pains, for those who have chosen the path of least
resistance, which is the path to destruction.

Integrity doesn't mean that you become some cold, stoic person, and
vacant of all emotion. Integrity just means to flow with your honest
feelings and actions ensuring that they are in alignment with propriety.
If you don't like what you are doing then honor yourself by doing the
best job anyway. You can always change careers.

YJ Draiman