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To The People Of Los Angeles – YJ Draiman

To the people of Los Angeles - YJ Draiman

It is my understanding that based on our constitution; People "shall have the right to resist any person or persons seeking to abolish their constitutional rights, should no other remedy be possible".

All the governments' authority emanates from the people. The people are not satisfied with the rather poor performance of our government. It is time to elect a new slate of candidates, whose main concern are the people.

A nation's corruptive and corrosive power could only exist by the nation's apathy. Therefore as people of a democratic country, we must rise above this apathy and vote for the right people in public office. We should vote for people who care about the everyday working class, who want what is best for the people.

My main interest is not making money, but building an organization. I am an efficiency expert and a troubleshooter. My goal is to bring Los Angeles back to economic prosperity.

Instinct is no guide to political conduct. Effective leadership is always forced - whatever its motives - to represent itself as a carrier of ideas embodying purposes. All truly great achievements in history resulted from the actualization of principals, not from the clever evaluation of political condition. A good and effective leader must care about the people and address their needs.

For a man to be elected as mayor of Los Angeles, he must have a strong will and the guts to prevail. To become mayor of the people you have to overcome the handicap of the political machine and special interests groups. You must motivate the people to vote for you in order for them to survive in these hard economic times.

If you want to see a transformation of attitudes towards the people of Los Angeles, with the goal to improve economic conditions and a strong and effective government, I urge you to vote for me.

Your humble servant

YJ Draiman

For Mayor of Los Angeles 2013