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Here we Reveal the heretofore unacknowledged Necessary Conditions for Profitably (to Investors) surmounting Precious Metals Price Suppression and other Markets Manipulation.

“As seen from the outside, the Massive Upheaval in Western Society is approaching the limit beyond which it will become Meta-Stable and Collapse.” Solzhenitsyn as quoted in The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail, 1974

Here we Reveal the heretofore unacknowledged Necessary Conditions for Profitably (to Investors) surmounting Precious Metals Price Suppression and other Markets Manipulation.

Even some of the Mainstream Media have now finally acknowledged that the private, for-profit, Federal Reserve-led Globalist Mega Bank Cartel (see Note 1) has long been Involved in suppressing Precious Metals Prices. And recently evidence has appeared that the Central Bankers’ Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, is involved in Precious Metals Price Suppression as well.

The Mega-Bank Cartel’s profit- and control-driven Goals: Keeping Investors “in” their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities, thus facilitating the Manipulation of Precious Metals, Equities and other Markets and providing Political and Economic Control as well (Note 1). The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee has exhaustively documented The Cartel’s Activities (

For example, Cartel cooperation likely explains why even the Swiss National Bank has bought over $100 Billion in Equities! Including over a $Billion in Apple Stock—clearly aimed at supporting the Equities Market, which is hyper-inflated due to Debt.

And it explains why that Bank in Belgium bought irrationally large Volumes of U.S. Treasury Securities at one point … the examples are Legion.

Clearly, the Globalist (as opposed to Internationalist—a very Important Distinction) Mega-Bankers and Allies see Market Interventions, including especially suppressing Gold and Silver Prices, as essential to Maintaining and enhancing their Power and Profits.

Collectively, The Globalists and their Allies and Puppet Governments and Media are The Deep State.

And many Governments cooperate with the Globalists (and/or are their Puppets) by, for example, publishing Bogus Statistics, i.e., Political Numbers. In the U.S.A., for example, the Bogus BLS Statistics are revealed and corrected by (See Note 2 for Real Numbers for Inflation, Unemployment etc. in the U.S.A.) The U.S.A. is not alone in the Bogus Statistics publication Department. There is evidence that China, especially, and The European Central Bank and Bank of Japan are in the Political Numbers “Club” as well.

But there is One Essential key to these Globalists' Power that has apparently never, until this very Report, been Revealed. And revealing it is The Key to substantially diminishing and perhaps even eventually eliminating, this Globalist Power, as well as Profiting and Protecting Wealth—an enterprise which it has heretofore been difficult or impossible to do in the many Market Arenas manipulated by The Cartel.

The Clue to identifying one Essential Key to their Power lies in The Cartel’s Globalist policies, their incessant push toward Globalist and Regional Entities and Agreements—examples being the European Union, North American Union , TPP, World Bank, IMF, NAFTA and the like. Their Economic Globalism is utterly opposed to the Kind of Economic Nationalism and Internationalism that was recently expressed in the Brexit Vote or in the election of President Trump, for example.

Indeed, the private, for-profit Fed is owned by Mega-Banks, not all of which are headquartered in the USA (see The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, 1994 re Globalist Mega-Banks and Allies founding of The Fed).

This Globalist Cartel, by their Actions, clearly oppose cohesive National Sovereignties (and thus oppose Economic Nationalism) because the power of Nations is more closely tied, in Democracies at least, to the Freedoms and Economic Welfare of their individual citizens.

It is not surprising, for example, that The Cartel is conducting a War on Cash (which we and other independent writers have publicized) because eliminating Cash would eliminate the Financial Freedom (and seriously impair other freedoms) of Citizens, by making them wholly dependent on and vulnerable to an electronically controllable Regionalist/Globalist System.

What happens to those who have entrusted their Data, and livelihoods, to “The Cloud” when The Grid goes down?

In approaching these Topics, it is essential to heed Billionaire Sam Zell:

“Question Conventional Wisdom.”

Sam Zell, Billionaire Real Estate Investor, “The Key to My Financial Success”, Interview on Fox Business, August, 2017

Key #1 to Profitably Surmounting Markets Manipulation

One essential (and heretofore unrevealed) policy which allows The Globalists to Maintain and Enhance Globalism and thus their Wealth and Power is their support of Mass LEGAL Immigration into (mainly) Western (but also other) Nations: 1.6 Million Legal Immigrants per year into the U.S.A., for example, and a similar number annually into the Eurozone.

How so?

Mass Legal and Illegal Immigration is a Major Driving Force, and arguably The Driving Force supporting Globalist policies. In other words, to destroy Economic Nationalism, the Globalists must weaken or destroy Borders and National Loyalties and Culture as well as National Cohesion and Identities. In this respect, the Globalists’ Goals are Congruent with those of the Leftist Cultural Marxists who also encourage the Nation-destroying Power of Mass Immigration. Seen in this light, Billionaire George Soros’s alleged Political Activities are understandable.

Indeed, the Eurozone and the European-derived Nations such as the U.S.A., Canada, Australia and New Zealand are the primary (but not the only) Targets of The Globalists because they have strong Traditions of National Sovereignty and Individual Liberties. For example, the Angela Merkel (Deep State) government of Germany has for years encouraged Mass Immigration, with predictably catastrophic results.

In sum, Mass Immigration is thus The Great Facilitator for Globalist Policies and Cartel/Deep State Economic and Political Power. It is therefore not an accident that The Deep State Globalists and their Mainstream Media Allies/Puppets intensely oppose Nationalist President Trump’s Nationalist Economic Policies and Nationalist Immigration Limitation Policies.

Indeed, weakening and destroying Borders and National Cohesion, and Culture and Identities diminishes the freedoms and powers of Citizens rendering them much easier to Manipulate and control. As the Europeans are discovering, it was much easier to affect the policies of their National Governments than to affect policies of their present Regional EU Government. Indeed, by weakening National Cultures (typically by encouraging Mass Immigration and Multi-Culturalism and Regionalist Governing Entities!), National Cohesion and Loyalties and thus Economic Nationalism the Economic Welfare of their Citizens is thus weakened. In this way, the Globalists’ Agenda and enhanced Power is greatly facilitated.

The influence of Globalists is pervasive as Manifested in the Deep State which it and its largely controlled Main Stream Media sustains. For example, Mass Immigration even encourages the Globalist “House” Economists to promote Economic Fictions. One such Fiction conflates Total with Individual effects.

For example, consider the Globalist Mainstream Media-Promoted View that “Immigration-generated Population Growth boosts GDP and is therefore Good for the Citizenry.” — Questioning Conventional Wisdom, we must say: WRONG! because individual shares of GDP, space, and opportunity diminish under the press of a larger population, even while Aggregate GDP may increase.

Indeed, Population Growth often increases Aggregate GDP but always reduces Per Capita GDP—the True and Best Measure of National Wealth. (Compare, e.g., the Similar-sized GDPs of Bangladesh and New Zealand. But the Citizens of Bangladesh with four times as many people are poverty stricken while New Zealanders are relatively quite well off.)

But in promoting such Fictions, The Globalists are protecting and enhancing their Profits and Power. Thus, in this, and its similar Manifestations, The Globalists are The Deep State!

So far as Globalist Deep State Impacts on Investors (and Politics!) is concerned, and, as the Accurate Shadowstats U.S. data (Note 2) shows, it is in The Globalists’ interest to control the Mainstream Media which allows them to provide a Steady Diet of Misinformation and Disinformation to Investors (False Financial and Market “News” in other words).

This Misinformation and Disinformation causes Investors to make Decisions NOT in their Economic or Political Interest and allows The Cartel/Deep State to maintain and strengthen their Control.

On the other hand, having access to independent Sources of Information as Deepcaster and some other independent Analysts do, help achieve much better outcomes for Investors.

Indeed, in the run-up to the 2008 Crash, Deepcaster’s access to independent and more accurate information plus his Analysis of The Interventionals and Macro, allowed him to recommend 5 leveraged short funds before the Crash, all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably, much to Investors Benefit. And recently, Deepcaster also began to recommend Positions that will allow Investors’ to Profit and Protect from Very Major Market Developments which are coming very soon.

Looking ahead, it is important for Investor-Citizens and Citizens to keep the foregoing Overview in mind since it will allow them to Understand Globalist Goals and Actions, and thus to Profit and Protect.

In sum, the Globalists hate Sovereign Nations and Sovereign Economies and Markets, and indeed, Truly Free Citizen-Investors, and Economic Nationalism, i.e., policies which benefit the Citizens of Nations, because those policies are a Threat to the Power and Control and Wealth of the Owners of the Globalist Mega-Banks and other Globalist Institutions. [And thus one can argue that the Globalists and their Complicitous MSM, are setting President Trump up to Fail, because he is an Economic Nationalist.] And one can also see why continuing Mass Immigration is essential to The Globalists — because Citizens of Nations can counter or trump The Cartel and Allies, whereas residents of a Borderless World have no such Power.

In sum re, Key #1 Mass Immigration has many Negatives for Investors and Citizens at large. It is expensive to the Citizens of receiving Nations, costing hundreds of $Billions per Year. Indeed, the stunning Report just released by the Non-Profit Carrying Capacity Network proves that the 1.5 Million Legal Immigrants per year admitted into the U.S.A. Costs U.S. Taxpayers and established immigrants a NET (after subtracting Taxes Immigrants pay) $330 Billion per year.

That’s $3.3 Trillion for the next Decade if the Inflow is not reduced! (see corroborating evidence in recent National Academy of Science Report by Robert Rector et al).

Mass Legal (and to a much lesser extent, Illegal) Immigration depresses Wages of the Citizenry and established immigrants and even causes increased Job Loss among the Citizenry (see Carrying Capacity Network Net Costs Study) making them more dependent on The State, and thus more easily manipulated.

Even worse, via its Threat to National Cohesion and a free Economy and Markets, Mass Immigration becomes a Vehicle for Cultural Marxist (Far Leftist) Influence on our politics and Culture (see February, 2010 Alert on Carrying Capacity Network re Cultural Marxism—A Threat to the USA? (and the forthcoming title “Defeating Cultural Marxism in Politics, Economics and Culture”) . In the USA the Boston Bombers and Orlando and San Bernardino Shooters and most recently, New York City Jihadist Truck Driver who mowed down Pedestrians and Cyclists were all Legal Immigrants, as are many of the Legal Immigrants committing crimes in Europe. Certainly, a very small minority of all Legal Immigrants are Culpable, but enough are and Economic Burden to make it essential to end Mass Immigration and enforce existing immigration policies. See Note 3 below for other Negative impacts of Mass Immigration and for The Solution.

Key #2 to Profitably Surmounting Markets Manipulation

In sum, Stopping Mass Immigration into the USA and Europe is one, Most Important, Necessary Condition for reducing and potentially ending Precious Metals and other Markets Manipulation (and thus enhancing Citizens’ Freedoms) but not the only condition. Citizens must assert themselves, for example, by pushing former U.S. Rep Ron Paul's recommendation that The Fed be abolished. (An action which, by the way, the USA’s President John F. Kennedy de facto actually implemented when he authorized the U.S. Treasury to print U.S. Notes in competition with Federal Reserve Notes four months before he was assassinated.) Cartel control (as opposed to Citizen control) of Money creation is not in the Citizenry’s best interest. In that connection, as well, Citizens should strongly oppose the Mega-Bank Cartel’s “War on Cash” as Deepcaster and other independent writers have advocated.

In sum, pushing to Abolish The Fed in the Manner President Kennedy did by authorizing the U.S. Treasury to print U.S. Notes, would, merely by the publicity such a movement would generate, create tremendous pressure on The Fed to act more in The Best Interests of the Citizenry and not of the Globalist Mega Banks which own it. Indeed, the pressure might eventually be sufficient to cause The Fed to be abolished.

As an essential corollary, note that nearly any Strategy which weakens Nationalism is beneficial to the Globalist Deep State, and should thus be opposed. To weaken the Globalists’ pervasive Power and Tactics, publicize their Active Policies.


  • Suppress the Prices of Gold and Silver because it denies a Safe Haven and weakens the Financial Independence of the Citizenry and forces the Citizenry into their Fiat Currencies and Treasury Securities.
  • Push Mass Immigration of Diverse Groups because it weakens National Cohesion via Multi-Culturalism and creates several classes of Residents who are more dependent on the State and thus more manipulable.
  • By creating the Multi-Hundred Trillion $$ Bond/Debt Bubble they will eventually trash the $US / because it opens the Door to their alternative (to the $US)—a Globalist desired Global Reserve Currency (probably) based on IMF SDRs, of which the (Regional) Euro is a precursor (though a Gold-backed Chinese Yuan may derail this Globalist Initiative). Indeed, the Massive Collapse of this Multi-Hundred Trillion $$ Bond/Debt Bubble would Create the Meta-Stability and Collapse of which Solzhenitsyn spoke.
  • Push Cultural Marxism, because CM weakens Patriotism, undermines Institutions such as Marriage and the Family (via Polymorphous Perversity) and imposes a Version of Thought Control through Indoctrination (via their Controlled Media) to utter only "Politically Correct" Language (see February, 2010 post at Carrying Capacity Network). Note that the Globalist Puppet Mainstream Media typically favorably reports on the effects of Mass Immigration and typically, for example, casts those who oppose it and/or the Caravans in an unfavorable light, as being ungenerous and uncaring and hard-hearted.

On an Optimistic Note, recent Developments in the U.S.A. (and Eurozone) promise a Unique and perhaps one-time-only opportunity to stop Mass Immigration and thus an enhanced Opportunity for Citizens and established immigrants to Profit from Investments, Protect our Wealth, and our Nations and Culture and Freedoms.

For Specific Actions to Take and Initiatives to Participate in (using Tax-Deductible $$) e.g., by reducing Mass Immigration from differing but consistent perspectives, one can support and

If we follow Sam Zell’s advice and “Question (THE) Conventional Wisdom” promoted by The Globalists, our prospects for Safety, Profit, Wealth and Freedom will be much improved and then Act!

Those who wish to consider Deepcaster’s Key #3 to Profitably Surmounting Precious Metals Price Suppression are encouraged to visit

Best regards,

October 26, 2018

Note 1. *We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s Report, “Profit, Protection, Despite Cartel Intervention —2018 Update” on the ‘Two Free Reports’ page at Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation, and manipulation in other Markets. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Note 2. Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported October 11, 2018
2.28% / 10.03%

U.S. Unemployment reported October 5, 2018
3.68% / 21.3%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported October 2, 2018 (Q2)
2.87% / -1.34%

U.S. M3 reported October 4th, 2018 (Month of September 2018, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report / 3.89% (E) (i.e., total M3 Now at $19.009 Trillion!)

Note 3: Mass Immigration is also a Threat to our Environment—For every person added to the U.S. Population, one acre of precious Farmland or Natural Habitat are converted to developed uses (see Pimentel et al, Cornell) and see Population-Environment Balance. It should be noted that the aforementioned non-profit Organizations are not anti-Immigrant but rather Anti-Mass-Immigration. Both advocate lowering legal immigration levels to 150,000 per year.

To be sure, the Wage Depression (i.e., via Cheap Labor) and Destruction of National Cohesion and Culture are among the leading “benefits” to Globalists of Mass Immigration which is why Globalist Institutions and Businesses support it and, in many instances, cooperate with the Cultural Marxists.

In sum, Globalists, on one hand and Investors and non-investor citizens on the other, have diametrically opposed interests, which the paid mouthpieces of the Globalists in the Mainstream Media have the aim of Obscuring and/or Diverting and/or Manipulating.

But there is a SOLUTION: Stopping Mass Immigration and adopting Zero-Net Immigration Policies (which would still allow about 150,000 Immigrants per year into the U.S.A., for example) will dramatically reduce Globalist Power and thus their power to manipulate Markets and especially the Gold and Silver Markets.

Carrying Capacity Network is The Leading Conservative Reductionist Organization. Less Globalist Power means Globalist/Deep State control over the Media is diminished, thus allowing their price suppression and other manipulations to receive Wider Exposure, thus increasing Public Pressure to stop the Manipulation.

Such Exposure would thus create Great Profit Potential for those holding Precious Metals Mining Interests. See materials posted at demonstrating the Collusion of the Globalist Mega-Bankers (e.g., The Fed and BLS manipulating Precious Metals and a Variety of other Markets). It will also make it possible for more citizen-centered (less Globalist-controlled) Banking such as the Bank of North Dakota (and Credit Unions) to Thrive and push citizen-centered policies. [Note: we do not criticize all Bankers here, just Globalist Mega-Bankers.]

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.