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Google Emulating DuckDuckGo Search Results?

|Includes: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)

A few months ago, I pointed out that Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) is afraid of DuckDuckGo and their huge growth, in the wake of the NSA PRISM scandal.

After the NSA scandal leak, Google began to raise the percentage of encrypted searches from roughly 50% to a fast track toward 100%. Of course, DuckDuckGo's searches have always been 100% encrypted.

I noticed in beta testing that Google began to experiment with removing the underline from titles in their search results. And now, Google has officially removed the underline from all SERPS.

DuckDuckGo search results do not have underlines, and while very speculatory, this could be another item that Google is taking from DDG and copying.

The search results do look much cleaner now, and I'm sure the switch was backed up by strong A/B testing.

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