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Modified GMR Signal For June 2014: ILF (Again)

|Includes: EDV, EEM, EPP, FEZ, ILF, SHY, SPY, ProShares Trust - ProShares Ultra S&P500 (SSO), TLT

Today we will receive the June signal for my modified GMR system. Unless something extraordinary happens in the next 2 hours, the new signal will be ILF. This is a repeat of last month's signal.

ILF did well in May for a while but it fell in the last week and it looks like we'll close with a tiny loss of around -0.6%. Win some, lose some. The overall performance of the system this year has been terrific at 13.6% as follows, compared to SPY year to date performance:

Month Position Trade Total vs. SPY
January CASH 0.00% 0.00% -3.52%
February SSO 9.06% 9.06% 0.86%
March EDV 1.93% 11.17% 1.70%
April EDV 2.94% 14.44% 2.41%
May ILF -0.58% 13.78% 4.62%

As of a few moments ago, the 3-month performances were:

7.10% 4.59% 7.90% 11.38% 6.69% 9.66%

Thus, today's signal is BUY ILF for June 2014.

Cheers and good luck.