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My Thoughts on Gold

|Includes: SPDR Gold Trust ETF (GLD)

Plagerized from a comment by Chris B to yet another simplistic gold bug article:

Assuming that paying 20% over historically high spot metal prices for collector coins will protect your purchasing power from inflation. That will depend on whether your collector coins will, in the future, be in higher demand than the assets that could otherwise be bought with that money.

It used to be considered common-sense wisdom that real estate was the best way to protect oneself against inflation. After all, there's a fixed amount of it and you can always raise rents. In fact, generic real-estate pundits like Robert Kiyosaki advocated buying up residential housing in 2006 on the justification that inflation HAD TO BE right around the corner and that real estate prices were rising because people were finally figuring this out. People who took that advice bought at the peak of the bubble. Might there be a lesson there for gold investors?