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Good News For SPY Holders, Apple To Contribute An Additional 11.6 Cent Quarterly Dividend.

|Includes: AAPL, SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

SPY holds 4.44% of AAPL in its ETF which means Apple will now provide a substantial increase in the dividend to those who own the SPY ETF.

Here is the math.

2.65 per share of AAPL every quarter. (2.65 x 4) = 10.6 dollars a year.

Multiply 10.6 x .044 = .4664 (46.6 cents a year)/4 = 11.6

Last year SPY paid out in distributions 2.57602 a share.

With the Apple dividend assuming the rest of the dividends are unchanged this means SPY shareholders will see a whopping 18.10% increase in distributions for 2013.

2.57 + .46 for 3.03 a share, if SPY is purchased at 140, the yield would now be 2.16% Not too bad for a diversified ETF.

Thanks Apple.

Disclosure: I am long SPY.