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After Hours Madness

|Includes: Gogo (GOGO), JBLU

Today I am going to talk about GOGO again. Actually, I planned to talk about something else but what strike me during after hours makes me write this. Many people are complaining about GOGO goes down during after hours and blame the CEO, even his teeth. I do think he does a great job. I do not care about how he looks but instead the decision he made. We know that Jetblue is now trying to compete with GOGO, but it is not a concern for now. First, they do not have the technology. Second, JetBlue is an AIRLINE company. If I am holding JBLU stock, I will be so worry because they are not even #1 in airline service and yet they want to go into something new. To me, it is like a master of none currently. GOGO price looks great now, it is a buy, not a sell. Even the CEO does not want to sell the company. So, for me, just stay calm and ride the GOGOwave.

Disclosure: I am long GOGO.