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Was Bitcoin An Organic Event?

When I was first told of bitcoin I dismissed it. Honestly I did not understand it. (First mistake)

I was introduced to it again by a dear friend that knew I made millions in Penny Stocks. He was surprised I had no knowledge of it.

I mused but was too busy to research it. (second mistake)

Then I got several people prodding me as to how bad it was or how good it was. I knew better than to form an opinion without in depth research.

So I did research. I have some history with some of the powerful elite. (In fact I am related to every president in the USA in some distant genetic tie.)

I did the research to find the "market makers" and see if any of the bad boy club was in it. I was surprised to find none. Unless their is a new generation that I don't know of.

Having done so and having an odd and experienced history with some of the elite streams of power; even though there is zero proof of some diabolical, Hegelian Machiavellian scheme ... well I won't throw out the notion that some thinktank set on global VAT, a dialectic clean/dirty energy monetized carbon exchange unit and an infiltration move into economy D ... I won't throw out the idea that someone has thought up some power model to process in our time with CryptoCurrencies being the Trojan Horse.

I would have done it ... and I am just mensa ... unlikely thinktank material.

Here is an article by the NSA in 1996 that espouses this market and the capture of it.

This concludes weird and conjecture for the duration of this Blog.

Regardless - It provides a ridiculous opportunity for those who will lean on the bleeding edge. (You will find me there.)

My Fave Econ Video to lighten things up (maybe) :