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Hedge Fund For Bitcoin

In my diatribe regarding "Cryptoworld" I don't think I made it clear that the secondary and tertiary markets of Bitcoin are "Monumental."

Everything from PC Video card sales, PC Power supply sales and design changes, and an entire Billion dollar Asic Chip industry have gone ballistic. (Huge infrastructure movement - Billions of $$.)

Last Christmas alone, sales of certain ATI video cards sold out as well as numbers of high wattage PC Power Supplies.

NVIDIA has now also entered into the Marketplace with their new Maxwell Architecture.

A brand new Gambling industry is already underway due to Bitcoin.

Together with Altcoins, when I mention "Cryptoworld" my mindset views it as all inclusive and understands that those Billions in commerce often far exceed Bitcoins Marketcap.

The course of this market is towards sociotechnosymbiosis within "The Cloud."