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Monetizing The Cloud Prior To Quantum Commerce

The Digital Gold Rush is gaining traction. The Cryptorevolution is creating multi-directional simultaneous paths of wealth and technology.

The net is transforming from linear to cloud in exponential dimension and velocity. The pace of its overhaul increases daily with wave upon wave of re-overhaul plans looming closer and in tighter intervals. I mean in every part of the known and unknown "cloud dialog" from the Internet backbone to Cell Phones and M2M.

The most powerful and brightest of the planetary investment community are full ahead forging this "New Renaissance" of tomorrow.

This digitized world is maxing out its computational and commerce limits. The sheer expanse is beginning to become hampered by the slow, expensive, antiquated commerce system that has national boundary, delays, interest rates and the ugliness of centralized banking.

This is where Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies come in. The current demand (at this pre-exponential time slot) already is exceeding the supply of the velocity of money. Not to mention all the other failings of the Old BS (Old Banking System.)

So in short; the cloud infrastructure is expanding well ahead of the monetization capabilities of the OldBS. The only "moneys" that can keep "electron pace" with the new commerce wave is digital secure non-centralized money. The pendulum is now swinging towards market demand for a solution to this digital commerce need. (The OldBS taking a stab at it - Bitcoin however fits that need perfectly ... lest another take its place.

This is possible but unlikely; lest Alibaba creates their own coin after their IPO and designs their wallet as a gateway; then Bitcoin could have a real contender. (I can see it now; a gaudy; by western terms; overcrowded, multi-colored windows8ish cramped coin wallet with everything from gambling to AlibabaBay all squished into a screen sized web-wallet.) Don't discount this happening since it is just likely a matter of time and explanation to the Chinese Central Command.

Example of a Chinese altcoin; innovative with a lot of Developer Detail making it a gaming, gambling, commerce and internet gateway:

I digress; maybe; Oh yeah; This Gold rush is quite different than the California Gold Rush. It is a "Global Technological and Commerce Renaissance" poised at the brink of explosive growth wherein the expanse of opportunity transcends the antiquated, slow, linear and local current OldBS system demanding global decentralized speedy and secure commerce. (Great wealth was created in the California Gold Rush from secondary and tertiary markets … so imagine profits from Levi Jeans and Pick axes in every direction simultaneously and globally.)

This revolution will begin a new Catallaxy in economics until the Pendulum swings back into the quantum computing arena to open up the newest frontiers beyond the "Digital Age's" capacities to fathom.