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Follow The Green Highway – Lightning, Atomic, Segwit … Oh My!


Crypto currencies, Ai, Graphene yada.

Great failures offer great lessons. I had fallen into this and hurt good people; hence my absence. Hypocrisy and ego with no repentance only remains in the abyss of blind pride. Oddly with my horrid mistakes those good people still prospered; thank God! (Because it wasn’t due to me whatsoever.)

This leaves us with the current turning and megatrend set to become the digital renaissance. I am using turning from the “Fourth Turning” and Megatrend very loosely because I track the revelation of the precepts but disagree with the patterned conclusions of their matrices.

Enter the Cypher Punks. At a transition point of the mid 90’s when the NSA worried about Crypto Currencies; the Cypher Punks were setting the stage for a Crypto Revolution; hashtag AES-256! Put aside their making fun of people who believe in Aliens and Tall Whites and their prodigies like Snowden and you have the making for “the new world” called “the Cloud,” encryption, Bitcoin ad infinitum. A utopian escape for Economy D; 4th dimensional real-estate to homestead, a digital Lassaise Faire for the awakening of free peoples. A new Catallaxy evolving from and growing into “the Cloud” at the forefront of Keynesian expansionism.

The OZ behind the veil is Ai. The green highway is Nvidia. Graphene is the new construct and energy. Speed and bandwidth are the new currency and contested real-estate. Cheap, powerful and lightweight cellular phones are your interface to this iteration of the new world order; for good or ill. Clear-phone, glasses-phone and virtual Amazon. The railroad of Bitcoin has created the business mall settlements of Ethereum, all to be within the Hashgraph matrix, the new Alphabet. (Or shall we look for another Neo beyond Hashgraph?)

I write cryptically on purpose; mostly these are my personal notes; so without further ado; here is what I am looking at. With crypto.robinhood for the masses and a planetary Bubble at its beginning parabolic curve; I am looking at certain Coins and Tech.

Nvidia, all things Graphene, Broadcom, Japanese Servo Mfg, 3d Industrial Mfg with Graphene, graphene batteries or power substrate, the Litecoin Monero Merger, ETH, EOS, KOMODO, ICON, BAT, SNGLS, DGB, FACTOM, UBIQ, LISK, ZEC, LUX, TETHER, WAVES, KYBER network.

Just remember that the seeds of blockchain destruction are already there with bloat and the 80K Tx/s that VISA has. Hashgraph or another Neo will shake-out the entire Crypto matrix and leave only 5% survivors that are solvent dotcoms. #QAnon Help Us.