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Monsanto's Beef To Dairy Begs For Brilacidin: Lifeway Definsin Mimetic Kefir?

|Includes: DWDP, Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX), LWAY, MCD, MON, PFE, ZTS

Beef and Dairy

Beef and Dairy, soft serve and sandwich often go together. Ice cream, America's favorite past time. Throw in the over 300 billion hamburgers that MC Donald's (NYSE:MCD) has served, not counting milk, milkshakes and soft serve cones. The cheeseburger has cow in the bread, cheese and the beef in between. Specialized Nathan's famous hot dogs and Lifeway Food Co (NASDAQ:LWAY), Kefir. Imagine a definsin mimetic over the counter drink, spiked with a tiny bit of Kevetrin. After the 2b Brilacidin data comes in, Mr. Ehrlich and Ms. Smolyansky, should meet in Skokie and have an explorative chat.

A cattle rancher, dairy farmer or urban factory worker can all see how important the cow is to America, and the worlds food supply. However, it is the first two of the prior mentioned that uniquely understand the vulnerabilities of the creatures that we know as cattle.

A cattle rancher needs 40 acres of pasture land for each cow to graze in. If you have ever driven rural routes in cattle country, or road the Amtrak train east to west, you have past by some of the largest cattle ranches and fed lots in the world. Cattle of course need so much grazing pasture, so that there frequent excrement does not cover their green food supply. Cows walk through one another's shinsky, like canines, and felines walk through small puddles of dirty ground water. Have you ever smelled a cow pasture breeze? A feed lot is five times worse than a pasture. They are practically methane gas plants. However, I think its moron foolish to speak of a carbon tax applied to them.

These big heavy four legged beasts, often have problems with nicks, cuts and open wounds about their legs and feet. They are similar to people like diabetics with foot ulcer's. However, the insult to the injury, is the cattle walking with open wounds through the potent bacteriological excrement, while continually grazing in hard bristly straw like grass.

Cattle Foot Infections

Cattle are expensive animals, there prices with regards to size, age and health can range from $2,000 to $5,000 per head. Each cow is an investment, LIVE STOCK! However, it is very easy to understand how bacteriological infections of the foot, are common place in cattle. One such is called "foot rot". The weight of the animal, it's physical movement in riveted terrain, all combine to make the antibiotic market for cattle very lucrative.

The Mezzanine Livestock Antibiotic Malaise

As cattle provide such a major contribution to the daily food supply. The better the antibiotic works in human's and the less likely it is to create antibacterial resistance in humans, the better it is to use the antibiotic in cattle. Our FDA currently has a block on this obvious truth being actionable. Problems resulting from antibiotics not approved for use in humans can result in beef or diary products showing amounts of unacceptable antibiotics. This is considered by some corporate intelligentsia to be debatable. Monsanto (NYSE:MON) is a poster board company in this debate. There are antibiotics that are not approved for human use, but are approved for livestock. Yes this mezzanine market allegedly regulated by the FDA is at ethical minimum, a nightmare conundrum. The self evident is that substantial quantities of these unapproved antibiotics accumulate in the food supply and therefore humans. It is often arguable as to the exact impact, but there are intelligent people like Senator Sherrod Brown, who accuse giant multi-national companies, in concert with regulators of not having the publics interest at heart. In order to offer the best alternative Senator Brown, needs to know about Brilacidin.

Brilacidin's Potential 10 Billion Plus

It appears as though Zoetis (NYSE:ZTS) has a number of products which it spun away with from Pfizer,(NYSE:PFE) that apply to both beef and dairy cattle. If Brilacidin completes FDA 2b with strong end point data. It is obvious to me that it will loom as a potentially a doubly superior antibiotic to anything in the livestock market for both animal feet and mouth. The public is yet to learn, and politicians have yet to feel the impact of their knowledge of definsin-mimetics. Once it becomes breakfast table knowledge that there are antibiotics that avoid creating antibacterial resistance, and that they are (?) FDA approved for humans. Then it would be reasonable and logical to double prefer highly potent defensin-mimetic antibiotics in our beef and dairy supply. If you follow my hyperlinks you can see that this has application into the realm of Agricultural, and also Industrial biotech. Brilacidin's annual global market potential is north of 10 billion dollars.

Brilacidin Zoetis & The Antibiotic Market

A post FDA 2b licensing for Brilacidin for the livestock market focusing on cattle, should be no less than $50 million dollars, which I estimate is about 7% of Zoetis annual revenue from livestock antibiotics. I am not able to divulge the method by which I extracted Zoetis livestock antibiotic income, it is a back door method, please do better if you can. I think my figures are conservative. I believe that Brilacidin, will be formulated to therapeutically equal or surpass any drug currently used to combat animal foot rot, however there will be scant chance of antimicrobacterial resistance which is of premiere importance for the global food supply. As the global market for antibiotics by 2016, is estimated to be 44 billion dollars. I believe that Brilacidin's defensin-mimetic antibacterial technology can comfortably claim 10 to 20% of that for self evident reasons.

Brilacidin Veterinarian License Worth $50 Million

The post 2b licensing of Brilacidin to veterinarian and more specifically livestock markets could generate enough cash, plus percentage of future sales, that it alone constitutes a non dilutive financing option for Cellceutix through to the end of 2016 (OTCMKTS:CTIX).

Monsanto Can Come To The Light

If Monsanto has a ray of light left in their darkened participation in the mezzanine antibiotic biotic market, it's management would find a posthaste evaluation of Brilacidin to be something that would be in both their moral and financial best interest. To Monsanto, every socially conscious company has a past and every socially callous company has a future. Dow Chemical (NYSE:DOW) might do well to hear the same.

Cellceutix is a socially conscious investment. I now own over 10,000 shares. I am willing to loose my total investment. Would rather die on the titanic, than drown on a canoe.

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