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Is Theranostics The Key To Kevetrin Becoming A Cancer Cure?

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX), MHTX

I will begin by saying that I might be the lonely big girl on the Merry Go Round for now. However, I am willing to suffer, if it means gathering the facts into alignment and forming what we might one day share as the truth. Indeed all that follows is contingent upon Kevetrin successfully completing all four stages of FDA clinical trials. Although enormous, I am confident that this will occur.

The rapid development of Theranostics, will turn Kevetrin and perhaps a few other low side effect, immune system activating drugs into cures for a large percentage of people, that have a number of dreaded diseases. The reason why is because the molecular or even smaller nano specific diagnostics (OTCMKTS:MHTX)will offer earlier and more specific information to specialist physicians. Therefore, doctors will be able to prescribe, co specific therapeutics, that are designed to counter the exact malfunction in the immune system. This is often what allows certain disease to develop into a mortal threat. In short this means that a drug which activates the P53, P21, and MDM2 could realistically expect to be applied to cancer patients that have specific diagnostic needs that are defined by one or more of the three prior mentioned malfunctions. Indeed we are envisioning the parts of the world with access to yet developing world class diagnostics.

It is no secret that after Dana Farber, Beth Israel and Bologna, that MD Anderson closed the research and development circle for Kevetrin, by approaching Cellceutix and obtaining an MTA. It does not take a long look at what MD Anderson, has been and is doing with Theranostics and Personalized Medicine to find the courage to say that MD Anderson, is not just looking to diagnose and treat cancer, MD Anderson intends to actually CURE many forms of cancer. Spend 15 to 30 minutes looking at what MD Anderson has and is doing in this regard. Ask yourself, do you think that I am correct in my understanding of MD Anderson? Do you think that MD has a haunch that Kevetrin, could well be a part of a scheme for a Theranostic cure for cancer? On the contrary would you say that I am stretching this matter? When Kevetrin reaches MTD, I believe that MD Anderson will be able to find out what it currently haunches, and that is Kevetrin will be a Theranostic cure for substantial percentages of patients, with many types of cancer!

For those of you on I HUB, who want to close ranks on with the most appreciated notables Dr. Jerry and George, perhaps you should form a choir and offer to sing "Everybody Plays A Fool", at MD Anderson's annual meeting. The issue is whether you will be a in a choir singing to the choir, or a choir singing to MD Anderson. When we combine George's excellent quote hyperlinked in above, it provides a tremendous basis to understand the broad Theranostic curative potential of Kevetrin. Abandon your previous weak conclusions and follow George's hard won evidence. Simply combine it with the other information herein.

Lets all get smart together! MD Anderson is going for broadly nuanced cures. MD Anderson heard the hypersonic whistle of three other major oncology institutions and they moved quickly and are waiting patiently for Kevetrin's MTD. By the way, how many of you think that these four have a Canary Coal Mine Quartet, with regards to Kevetrin. The Canary Coal Mine Quartet, is singing "Kevetrin will possibly be a major Theranostic cancer cure."

I have demonstrated that MD Anderson's dialectic is diagnostics Manhattan Scientifics and therapeutics Cellceutix Kevetrin, and there are other in between. Now emancipate your imagination to visionary progressive science!

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