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Bio-Hedge Believes Cellceutix Will Return 100 To 200 Times His Money

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX)

BioHedge Member Level Thursday, 11/13/14 10:37:50 AM
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If the p53 data is confirmed and published in a respected journal the EV of CTIX will go magnitudes of order higher. We as investors tend to want to be validated on decisions (especially those long term holders) and can't understand why the rest of the world doesn't see the value in CTIX...

I think one needs to remember how much time it takes to truly understand the intricacies of the science and company. There are posters on this board who truly understand the science and I value their opinions. I have the business / finance side of the equation so when I first stumbled upon CTIX it took my two months to invest.

I saw it trading at ~.50/share, but I didn't buy any because it was a "stinky pinky" and I wasn't sure of the technology or management. I spend eight weeks digging into it before I pulled the trigger (by that point it had run to over a dollar). However, once I "understood the tech" and was willing to give management a free pass, I started to systematically acquire shares. During a pullback to the .80-.90 level I bought a HUGE chunk and then waited for progress. As CTIX has hit milestones (I put in place) I bought additional shares. My current cost average is about $2/share, and I'll continue to add until I think the return won't outweigh the cost.

As this company makes material scientific discoveries, value is being created. Those wringing their hands over lack of price appreciation need to remember that this is bio-tech. If the technology was easy to understand and success guaranteed, none of us would be able to buy at these levels. Biotech by nature is hard to understand, mind numbingly complex (even for the pros) and full of risk. There is a reason why a retail investors can get into a deal with a potential 100x return. I know of few tech companies that would come close to offering a 100x return (that are public).

We need to remember that Leo has been telegraphing results to us for the past three months and those who listened got a ~100% return. I expect even better returns going forward. Leo is going to do what is best for the company (additional trials, shelf registration, up-listing, BoD, etc). He has insider knowledge of the technology and company and I choose to trust him. If he believes the progressing the trials is the most important thing to do we should trust his judgement.

Lastly, if one considers the long term value proposition of CTIX, the more shares one can acquire on the cheap, the more money one will make in the long run. Knowing what we know, I'd rather be buying at $3/share than at $10 because if the science continues to prove out and management preforms, the share value will catch up to the science.

I'm seeing blue skies ahead. Maybe it will take three to five years but I'm willing to wait for a potential 100-200x return.

P53 activation and documentation of said event is the most significant news to come from Leo ever.
This historic event has gone largely missed by the medical community as a whole.
The data needs to be published once ready in the medical literature and then stand back and watch the world come to Leo and CTIX


I have saved Bio-Hedges Comments for a special day, like today. It appears as though Kevetrin continues to work

Also on February 5th Cellceutix applied for a NASDAQ listing.

I expect more positive news in three to four weeks.

Is Bio-Hedge gonna be right? Ella Ruth

Additional disclosure: I own 10,000 shares of CTIX