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Many Pharmaceutical's Have The Question: Bioasis Transcend Has The Answer.

|Includes: Bioasis Technologies Inc. (BIOAF), SGYP

This is from AKA Risky Sox

As an investor in biOasis Technologies (NYSEMKT:BTI),(OTCMKTS:BIOAF), for several months I have maintained a passing interest in Synageva (NASDAQ:GEVA)and have written about the company elsewhere. One reason for my interest is that the LSD space seems to be wide open to anybody who can find a vector to transport the required enzymes across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB). BiOasis has a means of doing this and has made two announcements about patent allowances for their Transcend vector for LSD treatments. (BiOasis also has collaboration programs with MedImmune, Shire, UCB and Abbvie.) My real interest was in the value placed on GEVA by investors. I thought it was exciting but problematic. The inferred value of LAL treatment was way high given that Synageva cannot really place a high value on SBC-103 because they have no apparent means of transporting the drug across the BBB. SBC-103 is a drug for the treatment of the LSD, MPS IIIB, or Sanfilippo B syndrome. So I was astonished to watch the market place such a low value of $40 million on biOasis, who can transport biologics, enzymes, gene therapies and small molecules across the BBB, all with a very small peptide (<2kDa) p97 vector, and yet watch the market place values of $2 billion to $3 billion and more on a company that can't increase its potential commercial value without such a vector. It's like Synageva has the question and biOasis has the answer but Synageva gets all the value and biOasis none. I understand the dynamics of getting stories out there and having to wait for market awareness to take root, so I'm not complaining. But like all biOasis shareholders, I'm waiting for the market to show a similar exuberance for biOasis that it has shown for Synageva. Such exuberance for biOasis, I think, could happen with more justification. BiOasis could be a licensing monster for the transport across the BBB of drugs treating brain tumours (already successful in mice), anti-TNF drugs treating pain, drugs for metabolic disorders and a host of other drugs for CNS diseases, syndromes and disorders. Although our calculations show that LSD drug conjugate licenses with the Synagevas of the world would be a comparatively small part of biOasis's licensing potential, we nevertheless consider it to be rather low-hanging fruit for biOasis, something that could be used to help investors determine a real valuation for biOasis. Also, LSD therapies should be strong candidates for early FDA approval based on their compassionate approval policies. Time will tell. Other than on various stock forums we've never seen Synageva mentioned as a potential partner for biOasis, but it could make sense. One thing for sure, the biOasis insiders do have skin in the game, something very comforting compared to the situation with Synageva. This was a very compelling piece you wrote, Mr. Pearson.

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The purpose of this insightful quote is to spawn due diligence on Bioasis. Ella Ruth

Additional disclosure: This is almost entirely a quote from another Seeking Alpha Commenter.
The Purpose Is To Encourage Due Diligence into Bioasis.