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Aretha Franklin's Respect: Rodney Dangerfield's Disrespect & Cellceutix

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX)

In the most humorous of Hollywood terms, it seems as though Cellceutix shareholders have reached a point where both Aretha Franklin and Rodney Dangerfield provide a funnel for their sentiments. Soon it will be back to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World. NASDAQ, KEVETRIN COMPLETION AND DATA, BOLOGNA TRIAL.

Remember our CEO and CSO have "a brand new bag". Say it Loud, I am long 10,000 shares plus of CTIX and I am proud!

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Cellceutix: Timing and the many achievements to-date

KarinCA-great post with facts. I'm reading about all these deals getting done with start ups and Big Pharma with far less going on than CTIX. It makes me scratch my head and wonder why CTIX is either being overlooked or not getting respect. -tombrady12nh

It is way too early to suggest CTIX is being overlooked or not getting respect. I assert that the opposite is in fact true based upon the facts. The Brilacidin P2b clinical trial has just concluded. This is Cellceutix's first completed mid-stage Clinical Trial. Full results have yet to be presented, waiting to make a bigger splash at the ECCMID2015 and in the post P2b meeting with the FDA.

Planning is underway for pivotal Phase 3 clinical trials which will be presented to the FDA, along with likely requests for advantages related to the FDA QIDP designation.

The facts indicate CTIX is being noticed and respected:

1. The CEO Leo Ehrlich has already indicated that they are fielding frequent Brilacidin inquires.

2. The CEO expects the best offers to come once the Phase 3 trial is more advanced in planning, underway, or even concluded.

3. The CEO indicated he would consider an offer now premature, and would only entertain one if it was "spectacular". (Even so, there would be a period of negotiations and approvals which could be happening already.)

4. Phase-2b Clinical Trial of Brilacidin Accepted for Oral Presentation at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases One of the most prestigious venues to release clinical trial results.

5. Cellceutix Signs Material Transfer Agreements for Defensin Mimetic Compounds With Leading Universities. With Fox Chase grant research ongoing for several promising Brilacidin analogs, with some additional results expected in the coming weeks.

6. Cellceutix Brilacidin Receives QIDP Designation From the FDA

7. Cellceutix has signed an agreement with a division of one of the largest U.S. pharmaceutical companies for testing Brilacidin as a component of certain implanted devices as a means to prevent infection.

8. FDA approval for a Phase 2 Clinical Trial of Brilacidin-Om for Oral Mucositis, active and planned at the leading cancer research center MD Anderson.

All of this, and more I haven't detailed, just over a year since Cellceutix acquired Brilacidin. That is extremely fast for the bio-tech industry.

Alternatively the suggestion that CTIX is being overlooked or not getting respect because events have not yet happened which the CEO has clearly indicated are premature?

I'd say a bit of re-evaluation of this viewpoint is required here. A bit of patience is required also. Yes I know, difficult for us shareholders who want to win yesterday. But the obvious facts indicate:

Cellceutix is getting a great deal of respect and recognition, and it is still early days with the Brilacidin trial not yet presented or the FDA meeting having occurred.

Disclosure: The author is long 10,000 SHARES OF $CTIX.

Additional disclosure: I am long 10,000 shares of Cellceutix and accumulating more