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Baystreet Canada Echo's Cellceutix Kevetrin Success In Ovarian Cancer

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX)


Many American Investors remember that Merrill Lynch is bullish on America. Also, when E.F. Hutton speaks people listen. However, when they hear BAYSTREET in Canada, they yawn and perhaps even forget. BAYSTREET in Canada, is a very prestigious Canadian consortium of Investment Banks, Law Firms and other Financial Enterprises that raise over 1 Billion dollars A DAY in Toronto. On Thursday May 28th, 2015 Cellceutix received its first BayStreet Publication. Previously Cellceutix/Kevetrin has received Canadian attention on Stockhouse, which has quite a combination of microcap stock enthusiasts, led by brilliant investment analyst writers like Danny Deadlock. However, for Cellceutix to climb into the realm of BayStreet analysts before it has a NASDAQ symbol, indicates that there are some big investors in Canada, who are having a Cellceutix meditation. It's called trinity compound delight: Kevetrin, Brilacidin and Prurisol (Selah). Note that BAYSTREET is very influential in major European markets also.

Quote From Baystreet.Ca On Kevetrin

"Extensive pre-clinical studies have shown Kevetrin to act upon multiple tumor types, including lung, breast, colon, prostate, squamous cell carcinoma and in a leukemia tumor model. Importantly, the studies showed Kevetrin to be non-genotoxic, an integral component to the major breakthrough Cellceutix seeks. An ongoing Phase 1 trial at Harvard's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and partner Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is evaluating Kevetrin as a monotherapy for treating advanced solid tumors. This trial has set the stage for a Phase 2 trial sponsored by the University of Bologna to test Kevetrin in combination with cytarabine as a new drug candidate for acute myelogenous leukemia that is expected to start in 2015. According to Cellceutix, signs of efficacy have also been shown, as measured by increased levels of p21, a key biomarker of p53 activity, and the reported near disappearance of a spleen lesion in a Stage 4 ovarian cancer patient after minimal exposure to Kevetrin. As with the lab studies, Kevetrin has demonstrated a solid safety profile to date in humans."

In a previous blog, I mentioned that Brilacidin dissemination in Copenhagen, would unite with Kevetrin trials at Bologna, to created an EU following for Cellceutix. If the scientific progress continued, as it has, we would see a significant increase in new CTIX shareholders. I now expand that to be Toronto/Vancouver, Copenhagen and Bologna. I sincerely believe that we are going to be a part of some exciting trading days over the next year.

Disclosure: The author is long 10,000 SHARES OF CTIX.