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Is Time Warner Cable TV Vulnerable For A Boycott?

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Should consumers pay a small recurring fee for a monthly connection? Channels could be selected one at a time with quarterly renewals, or perhaps in much smaller mini packages. They could be priced within parameters and trade based upon demand and consumer purchase. Time Warner Cable ranks dead last among customer satisfaction


By Nate Smith 12 hours ago in Business

Turns out, the only thing Americans may be more skeptical of than government and big banks, is their local pay-TV provider.

Time Warner Cable ranks dead last among a list of 300 companies surveyed by consumers for the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

The cable TV giant scored a 51 out of 100 on the recent customer satisfaction survey. Not far behind, media conglomerate Comcast, which is actually the largest cable TV provider in the United States, finished a close second with a score of 54.

This marks the second year in a row TWC has managed to top the list of lowest performing customer service companies. Time Warner Cable's Internet customer service scored a 54 on last year's ACSI survey, which was good enough for dead last on the 2014 list.

The survey polled 70,000 people of their opinions on a range of companies that also included Bank of America and Delta Airlines and even UPS.

This most recent index is consistent with a survey from Consumer Reports, issued last month, that also put Time Warner Cable and Comcast at the top of the list of the most reviled TV and Internet service providers.

By contrast, customers expressed the highest satisfaction among TV and Internet providers with AT&T and Verizon Fios, which logged above-average tallies of 69 and 68, respectively.

Taken as a whole, the TV and telecommunication industry ranks only slightly above the government among customer satisfaction, according to the survey.

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It is no wonder the government and the media are so close in ratings. They seem to be for the most part in tandem together. ER

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