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How Is Natcore Going To Make A Profit? When?

|Includes: Natcore Technology Inc. (NTCXF)

Natcore Technology (TSX: V.NXT, Stock Forum) significantly advanced the rapidly emerging solar energy sector when the company announced today that it had developed a new solar cell structure that would not only simplify the manufacturing process, but also considerably lower production costs, making an easier path to ultra-high efficiency cells.

According to the news release, this new solar cell structure could quite possibly eliminate the necessity for high-cost silver from mass-manufactured silicon solar cells which has been long sought after in the solar energy community. This elimination would drastically reduce costs as silver makes up 30% of the cost of a silicon solar cell.

The company's new silicon heterojunction (SHJ) cell structure offers key advantages over previous versions of this cells because the company's new laser processing techniques offer further simplication of the production process, thus creating the lowest cost/watt than any cells currently available.

First generation research cells have already been proven to produce efficiencies near today's common commercial cell and with better materials and further refinements, which are in progress, it is expected that the new cells could provide efficiencies substantially greater than existing commercial cells.

Company scientists are currently working on a second generation of its new structure that will use no silver at all.

Company Director of Research and Technology, Dr. David Levy, commented on the breakthrough, "While we're completing our patent submission, we're hesitant to give more details about the new structure. All of our tests to date demonstrate that we're on the optimum path toward very high efficiencies with manufacturing solutions that are low cost and do not require complex process equipment."

Dr. Charlie Gay, Former Director of the National Renewable Energy Lab and a member of Natcore's advisory board, added, "Practical photovoltaic solar cells have been around for 60 years. But Natcore scientists have taken a lot of known pieces and assembled them in new and different ways. They've taken basic concepts and made them manufacturable by using low-cost materials and simplifying production methods."

Natcore Technology was in the news recently when the Red Bank, New Jersey-based firm announced the appointment of Dr. Charlie Gay to its advisory board a little over a week ago.

Shares soared 44.68% on the news to $0.69 per share.

Currently there are 50.8m outstanding shares with a market cap of $35.1 million.


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