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Who's Right Huckabee Or Obama, Kerry, Clinton

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I have read several articles with comments about the Iranian Nuclear Deal. While I might not have said, exactly what Mike Huckabee stated. I can say the following to John "Heinz Money" Kerry.

It is without controversy that Iran's national goal is to lacerate and puncture Israeli, Jewish and non Muslim American's bodies, so that more blood flow into the streets of America and Israel than Ketchup flows from the Heinz (Kerry) ketchup factory in Pittsburgh, Pa. That's not conjecture, that's a fact! You could translate that into a desire to make for a zero DOW!

Every time that I squeeze a bottle of ketchup, or small one serving packet, and see that red ketchup pulled by gravity down upon my meat. I will remember that the leadership of the Republic of Iran desires that blood flow out of my body in similar fashion, as well as every other non Muslim American, Israeli and Jewish person. It is now most appropriate to illustrate the prior with something associated with Senator, Secretary of State Kerry.

So Be It Unto You three, 7 Times As You Have Meant It Unto Us!

I will fear no evil, he who keeps Israel never sleeps nor slumbers. Just like the Exodus across the Red Sea, Israel is now alone in the world. Hashim loves Israel, and the armies of Michael the archangel will fight for Israel.

May Israel be blessed to invent and develop the worlds finest defensive and offensive weapons. May intellectual property and and the materials to implement it flow from its people and the land. May the Tel Aviv stock market zoom north.

They who love Israel shall prosper. Unfortunately many of America's ruling class no longer love Israel. A sad day for America!

Indeed as Presidential candidate Ben Carson travails "Heal our land"

I love the America that I grew up in, and so fondly remember her, with all of her warts, faults and freckles.

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