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Jealousy Regarding The PMX Acquisition Contributes To The Rage Against It

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX)


TheDane Member Level Friday, 08/14/15 05:05:18 PM
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It's easy to see that someone is determined to force the debate on things that no longer even matter. Why is Polymedix even important? It's not. CTIX has taken it through a phase 2 trial and come out with A+ grades and will move to a phase 3 shortly. That validates the business decision and the wisdom to purchase the Poly assets so there is really nothing else to say about it.

The the argument goes round and round and is circular in that it leads nowhere and never ends, until someone stops.


Brilacidin and the Definsin Mimetic platform could become a the stellar model of this decade for Biotech compound acquisition. Every major pharmaceutical in the free world, especially those whose are threatened with imploding pipelines, would love to be endowed with the potential blockbuster technological platform of the Poly Medix/CTIX definsin's.

sox040713 Friday, 08/14/15 07:00:59 PM
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Leo told several shareholders who visited the company that they have enough funds to run all the planned trials in the next 12 months. Nasdaq also wants to see that (going concerns) in the 10-K. It sounds to me like CTIX doesn't need much dilution in the short term.

If B-OM works, then we don't need to worry about dilutions if Leo can find a partner. IMO he's trying to partner the whole defensin-mimetics platform instead of B-ABSSSI and B-OM separately. So the deal could be huge and it's definitely worth the wait.

Some more bread for the wilderness and wine for the journey.

F1ash Friday, 08/14/15 05:45:29 PM
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I take credit/blame for the PolyMedix discussion. For me it is actually one of the better features of Cellceutix. Obviously that company failed, but their pipeline of drugs (which is only a third of Cellceutix's current trial drugs) was valued by professional analysts at $227 million. Even if one were to believe the ridiculous notion that the drugs Menon developed don't work, you still have to account for the fact that the Brilacidin research was done by a totally different company. Polymedix problems were from bad timing (no love for antibiotics), bad trial results on a drug they chose to lead with, and a management that proved ineffective at raising capital at a critical juncture.

So ya, I give the management at Cellceutix very good marks so far!

This has been music to my ears. Thanks all. To the greatest shareholder family in the pink sheet neighborhood. Cheers!

Disclosure: I am/we are long 14,000 SHARES OF CTIX.