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Cubist Shareholder Big Winner Finds Cellceutix A Similar Possibility.

|Includes: Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX), MRK

On August 12th, 2015 Dr. Matija Snuderl, published an excellent article on Cellceutix OTCMKTS:CTIX. Hopefully you have all read the article, but there is one comment among the close to current 100, that is worth a deep meditation.

Comment by HDHNTR1

" I consider CTIX (CTIX) to be a long shot lottery ticket with a lot of risk but a payoff that could be huge. But it has a lot to overcome. I dug up CTIX because my previous position in an antibiotic company (CUBIST) was taken over by MERK (NYSE:MRK). I had that stock for a long time and eventually it was about a 5 to one. I wanted to still have some exposure the the segment and in researching I found CTIX with their acquisition of Brilacidin and its comparison to Cubicin. This is a much riskier stage of investment than Cubist was as they had just come to market while Brilacidin is still in testing. It seemed to have pretty good potential and was a good reason to investigate further.

One of the things I found intriguing about CTIX is that somehow, they were able to get others to pay for their trials. This is generally a point where biotech companies start hemorrhaging cash but they found a way to minimize it. And they managed to get this same agreement with all of their trials. IMO this gave stockholders multiple chances at the brass ring.

Kevetrin is indeed interesting and could be huge. But it is still in phase one and it is a long way from any payoff. As intriguing as it is, I would probably not have looked at CTIX without Brilacidin as it has a much better chance of getting to market. So at this point, I just consider it to be a hidden asset."

Paragraph 2, which I think includes both Brilacidin, The Definsin PMX drug portfolio and Kevetrin, represent a vast conversion of independent tributaries of scientific validation that converge in a mighty river of scientific evidence and potential. Not only has this incurred within and been promised in the immediate future to Cellceutix. Some of the same type of validation also was received by PolyMedix for there Defensin portfolio, which CTIX now owns. The University of Pennsylvania, had some, and yet has scientists with substantial ability in the areas of research and development that resulted in the development of the Defensin Mimetic compound portfolio.

All of the above hyperlinks represent an inheritance for Cellceutix and it's shareholders. All of the proceeding and more are ours even before one adds up the numerous names and funding that have come from the most prestigious global names in Oncology for Kevetrin.

To digress to our short buddy aka (Gilligan) at Mako research, I think that he needs a lawyer, who wants to work with interrogatories, depositions and perhaps trial witnesses to establish that Cellceutix's compounds are without value or perhaps of very small value. Needless to say I doubt that he will find a Matlock, Ironside or Perry Mason to take the case that he has presented in Seeking Alpha. Maybe Mako can find a Gilligan, who passed the New York bar.

Obviously, short buddy needs someone up to the task of cross examining the FDA, Dana Farber, Havard Beth Israel, MD Anderson, The University of Pennsylvania relevant staff, The University of Bologna, Dr Reddy's Lab, The US Army and Pfizer plus other's to provide material information that would cause a reasonable person to conclude the science involved in Cellceutix three lead compounds is of little to know value. Perhaps the Professor or Thurston Howell III, can provide some assistance.

By the way, I heard a rumor that a black stretch limousine with a name on the side osen, the first capital letter was obscure, drove up infront of a dilapidated office with a sign that spelled AKO, the first capital letter was worn away. The limo driver opened his door, got out of the limousine and used a remote to open it's sun roof. Suddenly, a big dark buzzard looking creature, with a Pinocchio type nose, flew down into the stretch limousine, the driver reentered the vehicle and sped away. I am asking for verification of this story, if anyone has information let me know.

Every saint has a past. Every sinner has future. I hope that (s)he can bring himself to ask all who have been hurt by the MAKO lies to forgive. Many wrongs the we do as people to other persons are so great that we do not have the power to restore those that we have hurt, damaged and at times destroyed. The stupid position that we find ourselves in, leaves us with little seeming choice other than to rationalize our behavior and justify our actions. In fact we will even attack our victims. The song "Amazing Grace" was penned by a slave ship captain, John Newton. Pesach comes before Yom Kippur.

Cellceutix took the virtuous step and clarified the Kerala University, Harvard PhD question. Apparently this was first done in 2010 or 2011, 4 or 5 years ago. Its disingenuous to portray a reiteration of a correction or clarification 4 to 5 years old, as some type of a new recent confession.



Ella Ruth

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