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Cellceutix: Is A Triple Damage Rico Tort Or Counter Tort Forming? Eagle Vs Wolf

|Includes: ALPMF, Innovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPIX), OCAT

It appears as though Leo has gone further than B, he has moved on doing a design for K FDA 2-3, which I think is great. Added to this he has expressed confidently that some Mako and Rosen activities were potentially civil and criminal, and has a former District Attorney on his Ashcroft legal team. Former DA's understand how to form legal evidence into narrative that leads to prosecution. My read of the letter written by the former DA, from CTIX to Rosen, was that he was articulately in process of doing exactly that and by now probably has, with all of the supporting documentation, plus probable and possible statues, laws and regulations that have been violated in Rosen and Mako's literary behavior. The recent acquisition of once maligned (NASDAQ:OCAT) Ocata Therapeutics, by Astellas, plus each forward mark of scientific progress awarded by the FDA to CTIX's top three compounds K,B, and P strengthens the hand of CTIX and The Ashcroft Law Firm, to launch a suit and counter suit against the culprits.

If the former District Attorney, is successful in presenting his case to a prosecutor or current DA. If there is any kind of criminal conviction against Mako or Rosen, the likelihood of CTIX winning a civil suit, perhaps for triple damages, against one or both is a slam dunk.

Just as Dana Farber, would only take a compound like K, from a pink sheet stock company that they were certain would make it through FDA 1 with success. The same logic would follow for Ashcroft Law taking the Cellceutix, case. A former Attorney General and a former District Attorney do not take a case like this unless they believe that they can win it. Counter torte awaits, like the Eagle striking the Wolf below. After a sitting DA's review of the possible, in my view probable, criminal activity which has been committed against the CTIX shareholder family by the alleged culprits.

I do note that the CTIX stock price is low, no doubt the Aruda team has to liquidate some shares every month or so. More shares must be sold to raise more money for the 2/3 trials of B and K. There is a big need for the CTIX stock price to move northward on the basis of the Prurisol FDA 2 trial, and also a possible civil suit against Mako, and or a possible countersuit against Rosen Law.

The noted reformation theologian Martin Luther, said " One of the ironies of history is that there are so few just judges". This I think is the only hope that Mako and or Rosen Law have of avoiding disastrous consequences in both civil or criminal court. It is very important that a judge or magistrate has both an impartial, fair and balanced perception in such a case as I see against Rosen Law and Mako.

This is my opinion only, I have not discussed these thoughts with any official within the company CTIX. ER

Remember CTIX shares will fly like a drug has been approved if a criminal indictment is brought against Rosen, Mako or both. I think that there's a fifty percent chance that such will happen in the 1st half of 2016. Once again a criminal indictment will perhaps begin to pave the way for a large triple damage civil law suit against the two possible culprits.

In Federal Court There Are Big Models Of Eagles And Giant Eagles Can Kill Wolves!

I am long the Eagle Cellceutix.