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Sci-Fi Movie Script: "Federal Reserve - Keeping The Strong Us Dollar Policy From 1913 - Established To Serve And Protect" GS, JPM, BAK, C, HBC


Strictly Confidential.

Presentation. First Pass.

Sci-Fi Movie Script.

In-House Working Title: "Keeping the Faith In The US Dollar"

Suggested Change: "Finding The Faith In The US Dollar"

General Story-Line: "Federal Reserve - We as Federal As Federal Express Only Better For Our Shareholders"

Submitted Nov 19, 2012.

Status: Casting is open, AlphaCat is invited for President Obama.

Scientific Background: Unproven Austrian Theory that Debasing Of The Currency Creates Inflation by Definition and represents The Form Of Taxation and Confiscation of Wealth (suggested to change Wealth to Savings - These LowLifes even can not bet 10 grand at a time)

Advisers: Dr Alan Greenspan, Honorable Henry Merritt Paulson,Honorable Jon S. Corzine.

Pre-production PR Advice: Find Some People in the Government Not Affiliated with Goldman Sachs in order to demonstrate the broader representation of Different Classes and backgrounds of Society.

Suggestion: To Introduce two Young Hackers working for Plunge Protection Team and Policing the Web To Keep PPT's Low Profile.Here we can introduce the Romantic Story-Line. These two: Male and Female could be taken Out Of Context and represent 99%.

Time: Nearest Future or Maybe Already Yesterday.

Watch the Videos:

Background: US National Debt


At 4:20 pm (EST)on 2012/11/19

The Federal Reserve System:

"Keeping The Strong Us Dollar Policy From 1913."

"To Serve And Protect"

President Obama on Fiscal Cliff: "I Don't Like It."

"Just Go And Fix It."

After Lunch.

Oval Office, The White House.

Obama Calls Romney - "Mitt ... you know, we are All American Team ... after all. Lets call The Boyz - CFA has messed up my Dream."

Mitt is Golfing, Relaxed (here we can give some landscape a little bit) but still is in a Good Shape - reaction is fast and brutal: Speaks with some mechanical steel notes in his voice: "Hi, you've reached Mitt Romney, please leave your number and we will find how you have done this."

15:00 (EST)

Washington, DC.

Pentagon building.

Deep Underground Floor with Sign "Not for Your Clearance".

Currency War Room - Obama is Briefed by Ben Bernanke and Lloyd Blankfein about The Plan.

Obama - "Where is Tim?"

Tim from The Corner - "I am Here."

Now President is Briefed That US Treasury is Not Issuing The Us Dollars.

Twenty men are coming All In The Same Very Expensive Tailored Dark Grey Suits, No Jewellery - Only Wrists carry Serious Pieces.

Obama - "Who are They?"

His Chief of Staff lowered the voice and gives him The List with his Election Top Twenty Contributors.

Chief of Staff: "Mr President - This Model Was Already Tested in 2008, we would recommend to go the Tested Routine."

Obama - "What about the Unions?"

Unions From The Corner - "We Are Here."

Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (Close plan - broken his pen, steel in the eyes, stands up and looks straight at Obama)- Mr President Shall We?

Obama nods - "Thank you Gentlemen, It Is An Economic Issue At This Moment"

"Do not forget this one for your file" - Obama slides The List across the table to the Chairman.

General allowed the light smile: "Yes, Sir"

Five Star Generals Are leaving The Room (Close Plan) steel look in the eyes.

They stopped for a moment and turned at the door.

Chairman, General - "Mr President..."

Obama nods - "Yes, Gentlemen - The Case"

General Comes back and Takes the Nuclear Missiles Case from the Marine and Cuffs it to his wrist.

Obama - "This One is not for you to decide MF (Without Global)."

Leaves the room.

15:20 (EST)

The National Guard is called on Duty.

Obama calls Home, just said: "I will be late today. Love you all"

All American Dream Flashes in his eyes (here we need to start something Dramatic - Like Metallica "The Day That Never Comes")

President Presses the Green Button on Tim's iPad - He Promised Not to use Turbo Tax This Time and It Is Just a Press Release For The Press - Goldman is Front Running Everything anyway...

15:25 (EST)

Colorado: Undisclosed Secret facility. Ballistic Missiles Military Base. Helicopters are coming down, Special Ops Are Securing the perimeter. Mountain Top with The Faked Eagle is moving aside.

First Trucks are coming into the Mountain with Huge Rolls of Paper with "Made in China" on the sideline, big Tankers passing by with the logo "Special Ink Corp." on boards. Small local kids are playing the Chess (Suggested to change to Baseball) at the local McDonald Parking Lot and are amazed by all this activity. Officers are giving them candies.

(Advisers are insisting that in Reality it will be all done on iPads or actually is Already Done, but we think that it is more Patriotic and More Dramatic to introduce The Base, Uniforms, Proud Workers cutting off "Made in China" from the paper rolls.)

15:30 (EST)

Top Secret: Executive Order - All Fans in The White House and Other Federal Buildings across the country to be Switched Off after NYSE market closed.

15:35 (EST)

ZeroHedge, Kitco and Financial Sense websites are Down.

Late Night Headline:

"The ONIONs" BREAKING: FED Confirms We Will Continue Strong US Dollar Policy.

Scene from London: Next Morning Mad Traders are Unloading USTs to Chinese. Valium, Coke and used dollar bills are spread all over the restrooms.

Chinese stop Buying USTs at Noon GMT - Somebody is Falling Down out of the window.

Unspecified traders are Bidding Heavily on Gold in Broken English, They Do Not Take Any Paper - Only Physical Delivery.

Investment in "special CIA Arrangement "Code Name Paula", finally paid off", Chinese are not Muppets or former Clients of MF Global.

Japan, Korea, Russia, Iran, India and All Middle East Are Buying Gold. Brazil is stepping in later in the morning. Paper markets are Closed Down, Everybody is Demanding Physical Delivery. Switzerland Has Proposed To Use CERN as The Gold Vault.

09:00 am (EST)

Switzerland, Hong-Kong, Singapore and Russian former Nuclear Facilities are allocated to the International Physical Gold Trading system.

Nobody calls FED to Ask...

NSA and CIA proposed to send Drones - they are briefed that these time we need actually Somebody Alive To Buy All This Stuff - IOUs.

Suggestion: To Soften the Moment we can introduce romantic scene: Washington, DC. Yearly Morning, Young Hackers are in Love - They Are Off The Grid and have no clue that Chinese now Know Everything, PPT is exposed and CEO of the Major Bank is lost with his Private Jet Boeing 777 and five years of Food Supply somewhere in Bermuda Triangle.

09:01 (EST)

First reports by The ONIONs: "NY Fed Gold is missing."

09:05 (EST)

Meeting at The Government Sachs: "Ben - I know What To Do With Fiscal Cliff."

"We Will Add Just A Little Bit More US Dollars."

09:25 (EST)

BREAKING: The ONIONs "FED: There Is No More Fiscal Cliff. We Will Fill The Grand Canyon With Us Dollars."

Muted in the background: "...No you will Call Chinese This Time..."

Young girl with glasses is rushing in ... London - They know already - close plan on TV Screens - drunk traders are with boxes on the streets.

09:45 (EST)

BREAKING: The ONIONs - "FED: We Know What We are Doing."

"Gold in NY FED is Safe - There Is No Reason For Panic - We Just Can Not Find The Keys"

09:47 (EST)

Unconfirmed Rumours On The Street: "NY FED's Gold Vault Keys Were At MF Global Safe Deposit Box."

10:45 (EST)

Concerned Secretary:

Ron Paul Is Calling Again...

Ben: Tired, Alone - "How Can I Forget About The Gold and Germans Asked to Count It Now At NY FED..."

"And This Bloody Fuel Bills for Choppers Are Going Up Now.

Why Can't We Print Oil - Just A Little Bit?

This "Stop Fracking Crowd" Learns Fast - C'MON People: Little Bit of Toxic Waste in Your Water Supply, but All Economy is Saved."

Writes a note: "Not To Forget: To Call Jim At Goldman - To Fix That Oil Chart."

Lunch Time (EST)

Goldman Sachs Elevator Rumour:

Older One: Thanks our God - We Are Loaded - Going Long Gold, Copper and Silver, Lithium and Tungsten - There is No Way to Move Gold Around If Everybody Will Start Counting and Demand Delivery.

Younger One: What Do We Tell The Muppets This Time? All lines are red now.

Older One: Make A Write Up On FB and Rubber Chickens Cards IPO - it will be Good before Xmas...

Do not forget to mention: To Sell Gold, Oil and Go Long USTs.

Goldman Sachs: Jim O'Neill Oil Price Forecast 2012.

13:50 (EST)

Somebody calls to Someone - "We Are Done - You Have A Go".

14:00 (EST)

All US Markets Are Closed Due to Technical Fault and Hacker Attack from The East, All Trading Data is Compromised.

Young Hackers are promised to share that Boeing 777, which is lost in Bermuda Triangle in Exchange for being Wanted For Life.

They have rerouted the servers around Asia and crashed All Trading Systems With Asian Trace as ordered.

But Hackers Are Clever, Anon tipped them about the Real Plan prepared for them and they are Escaping the DC on Tesla Model S.

(It could be Radical - with Anon, but will drive the young crowd to watch this paint drying "masterpiece")

Producer finally wakes up - "I Like It."

"Good opportunity to Burn Some Tires and Spice All This White Colour Criminal Drama a bit - I see Epic Auto Chase with Made in USA by "Losers" Tesla Model S Against Ferrari..."

Authors - "Sir, It Is Not American ..."

Producer - "Okay, Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8..."

Authors - "Nope, not from here ..."

Producer - "Are you kidding me? - Find something, Not GM Volt for God's Sake, call Mitt - he knows this stuff."

Decided - Epic Auto Chase with Tesla Model S Against Two Hammers, Ford Mustang and Lincoln Navigator.

Producer - " I got This: Intense...15 - 20 minutes, Serious Damage Everywhere, Helicopter with Snipers Shooting at the Gas Tank ...
Authors - Sorry ... err ... There is No Gas Tank ...

Producer - "Okay, Okay Lithium - Shlithium, No Gas. iPhone - Shmophone - Batteries - I am digging it. China Trace - I like it, let's not Kill Them - Security Details can not keep up with Tesla and they are losing Young Hackers, Burning the Tesla Tires.

I can see a sequel - We need George Clooney and his boyz to Break That CERN Gold Vault in part Two..."

15:00 (EST)

BREAKING: The Onions - "FED - We Think That It Will Be Positive For The Markets, Team Spirit And Economy In A Hole - To Stop Counting Our Debt from January 1st, 2013. The Value of US Dollar will be Determined Daily by The LIBOR Fair Pricing Team at 1pm NY Time based on "The Black Holes Pricing Model"

16:00 (EST)

BREAKING: The ONIONs - "McDonalds Introduces Dynamic Pricing"

Producer: "Okay, Okay ... but We Need At Least One Murder."

Authors: "We have ... look here: The Guy Is Falling From The Skyscraper in London..."

Producer: "No ... I see something more Dramatic ... That Was More Like Health and Safety there - Incident At Work"

Authors: "No problemo, but We would like 30% Royalties US based and 70% International"

Producer: "You Have 25% US Based and 50% International"

Done, shaking hands.

Producer: "Where Have You Got All This Stuff? It is All Sci-Fi, Fiction - Right?

Authors: "Taking off Glasses - Technically, Yes"

Producer: "Okay, Okay ... we will cut it here and change the language ... but I like this Swiss Flavour here ... I am thinking George Clooney as The General and Bradley Cooper as a Hacker ... now Girls ..."

"And ye, guys ... what about the Real Estate in your place ... Is that CERN thing for real? Like we can get Down there in case..."

Last Scene: "The ONIONS" In Local News:

"Police Report: Washington, DC: Old Lady with Driving Licence issued in the name of "Efficient Market Theory" Was Pronounced Dead On Site of Hit-and-Run After Collision with The Back Armoured Limo near The White House On the road from

Capitol Hill to The US Treasury building.

No Witnesses.

Case Closed."

Legal Disclaimer: Please read our full Legal Disclaimer, in No Way We will be responsible for Anything. This Is a Part of Social Media Experiment and This Script and Story-Line will be Presented to Producers of American Dad. We were Not able the check the Rumours, Local news Reports and other materials from "The ONIONs."
All Events and Characters are Fictional and supposed to be funny, if they were Not So Tragic potentially. Any pictures or descriptions resembling the real persons are Not intentional.

We Love Our Country and God Bless America.

It Is The Only Thing Left Now - To PRAY.

We Do Hope That It Will Never Happen ... very fast.

We hope that our devoted followers Are Loaded and just waiting with us for The FED to Finish The Inside Job and for the Tide To Lift the Right Boats.

Copyrights: Feel free to share With Link to Sufiy Blog Provided.