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Peak Oil: End of Empire: Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia - it was all about Oil. tnr.v, czx.v, lmr.v, rm.v,

|Includes: FMC, REE, SQM
  It was all about Oil. And it is not any more..those in power will be holding until the last second, but even they can not change the inevitable. Now it is all about survival in the Post Carbon world. There is no more cheap oil left and revolution has began - we have the only chance to change its course and make it thenew industrial revolution. The base is the new disruptive technology: Electric Cars - they will allow us to get out of Oil Needle very fast if we will take things finally seriously.
  The End of Empire has already came to our doorsteps: unsustainable debt, chronic budget deficit, insolvent corrupted financial system - it was only the part of the problem. Egypt and Wikileaks revelations show that revolution is unstoppable now and that Empire, as we remember it with U.S. policing the whole world, is not there any more. There is  not enough resources to keep the balance by just making the bad guys eating each other. China has become the world second largest economy, Energy imbalance is unsustainable and China is moving fast into the Electric Cars. Next wars will be the wars for resources - for what is left in the ground - we are hitting Peak of Everything.
  We hope that all these events are getting self explanatory and President Obama and his staff are carefully admitting the problem now and talking about Peak Oil without spreading the panic, which will kill economy once and for all. Bahrain is another call and is crucial to the situation with U.S. loosing control in the region. Very soon Saudi Arabia will be in a circle of the new developing situation and who will be in control there nobody knows, but in any case - nobody will be thinking about U.S. and its need  in constant Oil supply in the first place. Everybody will be thinking for themselves from now on. It is strictly business and the last illusions are over - U.S. Corp is run Goldman Sachs style. Clients are clients - the house comes first.
  Sleepless nights in the region now are all about Egypt and Hosni Mubarak and his fall out - old friends has left him on a spot. Who can feel now that they will be treated differently? Just read about the history of Saudi Arabia for that matter.
  God, protect America and give us Electric Car! We are out of politics, but think that we all will be happy if U.S. corp will be able to protect the oceans' oil supply lines for a while. We think, we should not even talk any more about control of Oil Supply. We do hope that we still have time to switch our economy to the post carbon technology and electric cars is our last chance to be maybe just in time to survive with our life style to some extend.
"China has promoted Electric Cars to the status of strategic industry, Lithium and Rare Earths are already gaining status of strategic commodities as the base for this new disruptive technology - we will have a far reaching M&A developments from this explosive combination in these very small markets.

"Nothing is changing under the sun in the US Corp. so far - America is under the oil lobby stronghold and if you would like to understand the real situation, just talk to the junior miners in Lithium and REE sectors. Chinese, Koreans and Japanese companies are the only one on the road now, buying all available projects in Lithium and REE space.

Facebook is great, but how are we going to drive in five years time? What are we going to eat for that matter with Oil above 150 dollars again?

There is almost no money available now in U.S. or Canada to advance the Lithium and REE exploration, apart from few names everybody is talking about now. The rest of the sector will be funded by the Asian interest in the end."

- Electric vehicles are classified as a "strategic industry" under the twelfth Five-Year plan (2011-15), and parts manufactures will receive tax breaks and subsidies. the government has pledged that it will do whatever is necessary to push Chinese auto industry into the lead on electric vehicles over the next decade.

- Premier Wen Jiabao's choice three years ago for Minister of Science and Technology, WAN Gang, was the first minister in at least three decades who is not a member of the Communist Party, but he is former Audi auto engineer and ex-chief scientist for the Chinese' government research panel on electric cars.

- Senior Chinese officials, including Wan Gang, have outlined China's aim to be the world's largest producer of electric cars within three years, with a near-term goal of producing 500k units in 2011.

- The central government has already pledged about $17B to push the electric vehicle effort, including about $2B for R&D and an $8,800/car subsidy in 26 cities (announced in June). Provincial governments have been encouraged to contribute on top of that.

- The state-owned utilities have been tasked with building out the smart grid and charging infrastructure required for a rapid ramp up in electrics. According to the State Grid Corporation (NASDAQ:SGC), which provides about 85% of the country's power, 75 electric charging stations are planned for 27 cities by the end of 2010. The pace will accelerate next year."  

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