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  Jim Puplava is brilliant with his new Financial Sense podcast "Inside Job". If you are still wondering why it all happen you should address the Federal Reserve Private Bank status - it is correct Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. Now you can guess who gained already from the explosion in U.S. Debt and who will benefit more when the FED rates will move up following the market rates. Listen to this podcast and spread the word.
Jim Puplava: "Inside Job"

"Mess Continued: Federal Reserve is a Private Bank. We need to have fun from time to time, this movie will make you the way the Hybrids are introduced there in a special way as well...In our quest for the investment trends and underlining economic and financial trends understanding of the US monetary system is the key. We hope that by now not a lot of people will be totally shocked to find out that Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. Have a fun and if you would like to dig deeper you are welcome to the links below. You can always decide where is fiction and where is truth and what is good for your money."

Watch Trailer "Inside Job" 

"In God We Trust" is written on the US Dollar, but does even dollar trust in its public masters any more?

"We guess that we can all relax now and continue to buy US the way FED becomes once of the largest holders of US Treasuries on par with China and Japan now. 
  We have just three small concerns with this perfect scenario of getting wealthy again - by printing money."

1. We still remember Maestro Greenspan with his "Fragmented Real Estate market, which can not be in a Bubble..."

2. Mr Bernanke assurances that the "Mortgage crisis is contained..." just before the Lehman collapse.

  Maybe we should all just send to FED our grocery bills every month - otherwise they can miss the picture again."