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RCR: Lithium, Rare and Minor Metals Fundamentals tnr.v, czx.v, rm.v, lmr.v,, cgp.v, abn.v, ura.v

|Includes: ABX, FMC, iQIYI, Inc (IQ), LIT, REE, SQM
  New issue of RCR research is out with its Overview and Investment Commentand Rare and Minor Metals Fundamentals. Our picks in the sector TNR Gold,Rodinia Lithium and Alkane Exploration are covered among others in this report.
 Interesting to see the valuation and International Lithium spin out notes in RCR report:


  "We have these days report after report on Peak Oil situation, President Obama and Energy Secretary Chu admits the dear situation and promote Electric Cars. Now we have reports coming out on Strategic Commodities: Lithium and Rare Earths, which will be the materials basis for the transition into the post carbon society. 

"It was all about Oil. And it is not any more...whose in power will be holding until the last second, but even they can not change the inevitable. Now it is all about survival in the Post Carbon world. There is no more cheap oil left and revolution has began - we have the only chance to change its course and make it the new industrial revolution. The base is the new disruptive technology: Electric Cars - they will allow us to get out of Oil Needle very fast if we will take things finally seriously.
  The End of Empire has already came to our doorsteps: unsustainable debt, chronic budget deficit, insolvent corrupted financial system - it was only the part of the problem. Egypt and Wikileaks revelations show that revolution is unstoppable now and that Empire, as we remember it with U.S. policing the whole world, is not there any more. There is  not enough resources to keep the balance by just making the bad guys eating each other. China has become the world second largest economy, Energy imbalance is unsustainable and China is moving fast into the Electric Cars. Next wars will be the wars for resources - for what is left in the ground - we are hitting Peak of Everything."