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Lithium Drive: Electric Car DBM Energy KOLIBRI Lithium Battery's Record Range of 280 Miles Per Charge

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News about wonder Lithium battery from German DBM Energy are sipping into the mass media place. We have our Catalyst and perfect storm for this Generational Bull in place: IEA admits that Crude Oil Peak has already happened in 2006Shai Agassi shares economics of Oil, Auto and Electric Cars industries; and we have the new hype in the U.S.  Lithium OTC market these days. Our take is that there can be any Hype in any market without the Interest - we are close to the tipping point in Lithium market.
  Serious players are coming into the lithium space now. Gas prices are pushing consumers to the idea of Electric Cars even with just few of them which are already on our streets - more are coming. With this development from DBM Energy maybe even German automakers will wake up and for real will embrace the Electric Cars, otherwise we should wait for announcement from another Chinese company about the breakthrough in Lithium batteries technology. Chinese companies are moving into the sector with State-level support and announced target to become the leader in Lithium batteries and Electric Cars.
"International Lithium IPO: Ganfeng Lithium To Establish Subsidiary for The Production Of Lithium Ion Batteries. TNR Gold has found a very aggressive and active strategic partner in Lithium space for its International Lithium IPO. After ten years in production of Lithium materials Ganfeng Lithium is moving into the Lithium Ion Batteries production as well. Now we can see how this Chinese company is building the hole in-house  supply value chain for the Lithium Ion batteries. Company has just recently announced that it is taking the strategic stake in International Lithium IPO - spin out form TNR Gold and now we have this news about the Lithium Ion Battery company."

"DBM Energy: KOLIBRI Lithium Batteries Passes Safety Tests. New Independent Range Test Confirms 455 km On One Charge! We have the breaking news from Germany and DBM Energy. Information is very scarce at best and only in German so far. Revelations from this hidden in the heart of Germany company are groundbreaking: KOLIBRI Lithium Metal Polymer Batteries (Lithium-Polymer-based technology) have passed extensive independent safety tests and demonstrated endurance of 5000 charging cycles. New independent test confirms 454.82 km driving range on one charge! But company claims that the battery in this case was smaller: KOLIBRI 62.928 kWh and that it translates in 714 km range in case of previously used 98.8 kWn battery in the DBM World Record Electric Car Drive in October 2010! To put things into perspective, in case when you drive 225 km every day you will need to recharge the car equipped with this battery every other day and this battery will last 27 years."
New DBM Energy Car for the Independent Testing.

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