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  China is on tract to implement a state-level plan and to develop the Electric Cars as a strategic industry. News are filtering in the West and Chinese companies are opening shops in Canada, Africa and South America in their quest for resources. With currency reserves standing as of today at astonishing 3.2 Trillion dollars China has a tough task to diversify it between the FIAT currencies and hard assets: Lithium, Rare Earths, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc and Lead - are on the top of the shopping list.
  World is panicking on the Europe and Italy these days, but the real story will be unfolding in China - once the soft landing will be managed and reserve requirements will stop to increase China's domestic growth can provide the next catalyst for all commodities. By the way, Oil even during today market roller-coster ride is almost at the same level as before the recent panic Oil release from SPR just a few weeks ago.
"It is very interesting timing for the International Lithium, stock is trading at 0.22CAD and somebody else is taking the position at 0.275CAD. It is a Flow-Through - which is supposed to be done at the premium to the hard dollars, but it is nice to see this premium to the market price and recent IPO pricing at 0.25CAD. Serious investors must like the story and do not afraid of recent general market hesitation after the last two weeks gains. If somebody seriously considering the U.S. to Default or Italy sink into the Mediterranean - it will be another story. In all other cases the Debt problem will be resolved by the old and tested means of QE or money printing in the old school. Oil, Gold, Silver, Copper can not be printed as Lithium and Rare Earths. The smaller the market - the more powerful fireworks we are going to see down the road."
by ERIC LOVEDAY on JULY 12, 2011
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Beijing, China traffic

A total of 1,060 electric sanitation trucks were put into service in the city of Beijing, China, on June 30. These electric-only, commercial-duty trucks will conduct tasks such as transporting garbage, sweeping streets and scooping up roadkill.
The 1,060 electric sanitation trucks are grouped into three categories based on payload capacity - two tons, eight tons and 16 tons - and consist of eight different models. The majority of the electrified refuse trucks work in Beijing's smog-filled downtown area, with 78 electric trucks seeing action on the outskirts of the city, according to a spokesman from the Beijing Environment Sanitation Engineering Group.
Most of the 1,060 electric sanitation trucks can cover up to 62 miles on a full charge and the fastest of the eight models supposedly hits an impressive top speed of 87 miles per hour. Additionally, all of the 1,060 trucks were developed and manufactured in China."

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