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New Tesla Patent: 400-Mile Battery Pack Using Metal-Air & Lithium-Ion Batteries TSLA, LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

This becomes very interesting: Tesla Motors moves into the new Lithium Batteries space. This new battery can be the real game changer for Electric cars and solidify even more the Tesla's lead in the industry. We have covered a lot of very promising new Lithium technologies on this blog, the key difference with Elon Musk - is that he can deliver.

Now this technology can not only provide us hope that Tesla Model S and Model X will receive 40% more range on a single charge, but that upcoming Tesla Gen iii for the mass market will have a proper range to compete with ICE cars.


Lithium Catalyst: Will Tesla Alone Double Global Demand For Its Battery Cells? ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v, LIT

"Catalyst for the lithium junior miners will come with the realisation that electric cars are here to stay and they will become the mainstream of auto-production in the nearest future."


Powered by Lithium: Elon Musk: Electric Cars Majority Sold in 10 Years TSLA

"Elon Musk is very bold with his predictions and people should listen now. Every single new Tesla Model S is proving his point. Tesla Model S is driving the electric revolution now and Tesla Gen 3 Model for mass market will be the game changer for electric cars."


Global demand for lithium expected to rise significantly LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

"Euro Pacific Canada has produced the very interesting report Lithium Industry - A Strategic Energy Metal, we can expect now the push of Lithium Investment story into the market place on the back of Tesla Model S success in the market place. International Lithium is mentioned as well with its strategic partner from China Ganfeng Lithium in the report."

Clean Technica:

New Tesla Patent: 400-Mile Battery Pack Using Metal-Air & Lithium-Ion Batteries

By Chris DeMorro

Tesla Motors is exclusively an electric car maker, with Elon Musk expressing disdain for cars like the Chevy Volt and BMW i3, which pack gas-powered range-extenders. But Tesla may be working on a different kind of hybrid; a hybrid battery pack that could extend the range of cars like the Tesla Model S by up to 40%, allowing for 400 miles of driving between charges.

A report by Global Equities Research shows that Tesla recently filed patents 20130187591 and 20130181511, which describe a combination lithium-ion and metal-air battery pack. This hybrid battery pack would primarily use the lithium-ion side, only drawing power from the metal-air battery pack on extended journeys. Metal-air batteries, which use oxygen as an electrode, have a shorter lifetime when exposed to regular charging, but use more common elements like zinc or aluminum that drastically reduce battery costs.

Drivers would use the lithium-ion battery for daily use, and would either select the secondary battery, or have it automatically switch over on extended trips. A hybrid battery of this type could offer Tesla customers greater driving ranges, while not drastically increasing costs. There's also mention of a mode whereby the metal-air battery would charge the lithium-ion battery, which powers the car's systems. 95% of driving consist of short jaunts no more than 90 miles per day, but the option of going 400 or more miles on a single charge could open up the world of electric vehicles to a much wider audience.

For now though, Tesla will still rely on Panasonic for batteries, as they have a four-year, 80,000 unit contract with the Japanese tech giant. But going forward from there, who's to say Tesla doesn't deploy ground-breaking battery technology of its own? This could be a peek at the future, folks."