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  We have quite a lot of news this year around the development of new technologies for the lithium batteries. Once the problem with Peak Oil and pollution is moved in the technology space, the development and progress will exceed our most brave expectations. Road from labs to the roads in case of Electric Cars will not be the easy one, but the shire size of the problem and market will attract the best minds and billions of dollars in investments.
  We are following here development of Lithium batteries for the Electric Cars with established players like Toyota and very agressive new comers like DBM Energy from Germany.

Lithium Jolt: Toyota Motor has developed a secondary electric car battery that can last up to 1,000 km per charge
"As with the latest news from Nissan about the 10 minute charger for the electric cars batteries information is very scarce at best so far. Both developments can be the game changer for the Electric Cars and make the mass market reality in the few short years.
  We can only guess that Toyota is talking about something similar to Lithium Metal Polymer Battery like the one developed by the DBM Energy from Germany. DBM Energy story in this light is getting even more intriguing - will they manage to survive on its own now and show the commercial roll out of  the wonder battery?
  Suggested cost of the batteries to be cut "one-fifth to one-tenth of the current level" will make the Electric Revolution possible overnight and the chart below will the reminder of the real power of technological progress in this case, when all our estimations will be proven to be too conservative. 
Electric Cars' roll out in a mass market fashion used to be at the mercy of Oil prices, government incentives and consumer devotion to pay the top buck for being Green. This situation can be changing right now by start up from Germany and its wonder Lithium battery.
  News about DBM Energy and its technological break through in Lithium batteries technology made its way, finally, into the sale pitches of stock promoters. We do not endorse the company mentioned in that report in any way - you know what we like here on this blog already - but this article is an important indication that this technology news are filtering through. 
  DBM Energy is not in a hurry to tell its story to the English speaking world and was surrounded by a lot of rumors from the very beginning. We are still awaiting for more clear confirmation on cost and pricing for the battery, but it is already evident that this technology is nothing less than the potential game changer in the electric space.
  Recently it was reported that auto industry heavy hitters have joined the DBM Energy board and we are awaiting the further developments with this company. reported that former execs from BMW and Daimler Benz have joined the board of DBM Energy and its founder "Mirko Hannemann has such confidence in his idea that he turned down an offer of over 600 million Euros from Samsung"

November 21, 2011 09:30 AM Eastern Time
BERKELEY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--PolyPlus (, a developer of high-energy, lithium metal batteries, today announced that its lithium battery has been named one of TIME Magazine’s 50 best inventions for 2011. The PolyPlus lithium battery uses ordinary seawater or air interacting with lithium to deliver unprecedented energy density levels in a non-toxic, environmentally friendly and inherently safe product.
“As we move aggressively to commercialize our lithium batteries, this recognition from TIME Magazine reflects the progress we have made and the great potential for this technology”
An early innovator in battery technology and the inventor of lithium sulfur batteries, PolyPlus has developed a new technology, the Protected Lithium Electrode (PLE), which enables the creation of a new class of high-energy density batteries. Simply put, the lithium is encased in a special, patented membrane that allows it in to react with water or ambient air, depending on its configuration, to deliver its high-energy performance. Without the membrane, lithium reacts vigorously with water and rapidly dissolves, or rapidly oxidizes when exposed to air.
The PolyPlus lithium-water battery has achieved a world record energy density of 1,300 Wh/kg, many times more than the maximum energy density of current lithium-ion batteries. Aimed at the marine market, the battery boasts an extremely long lifetime, making it ideal for such applications as underwater robots or unmanned, underwater vehicles.
A key feature of the lithium-water battery is that it does not hold the positive electrode and water inside it, but reacts directly with the oxygen in water or directly with the air that surrounds it to produce its power. This means the battery will be much easier to produce and at a lower cost than other batteries. It also significantly reduces the size and weight of the battery.
PolyPlus is currently testing samples of its lithium-water battery and expects the product to be commercially available in 2013.
PolyPlus also is developing a lithium-air rechargeable battery with exceptional energy density levels, which is advantageous for products such as portable electronics. Its rechargeable lithium air batteries hold the promise of achieving the “holy grail” for electric vehicles – 500 miles per charge.
“As we move aggressively to commercialize our lithium batteries, this recognition from TIME Magazine reflects the progress we have made and the great potential for this technology,” said Steven Visco, CEO and a company founder. “We are moving rapidly toward delivering batteries that last much longer and are far lighter than anything available today.”
About PolyPlus
PolyPlus Battery Company is the developer of advanced lithium metal battery products. The inventor of lithium-sulfur batteries, the company is also creating lithium-water and lithium-air batteries that will deliver performance levels unachievable today. PolyPlus has an extensive patent portfolio covering key aspects of its technology including lithium-sulfur batteries, protected lithium anodes, lithium-air and aqueous-lithium batteries.
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