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Big Think

This morning I came across a very interesting site called Big Think.  On the site are articles and video interviews with experts across a wide range of topics, from physics to business to the arts to a series simply called "The Big Questions". 

In the "About" section on the website, it says: 

We believe that not all information is equal. We believe that expertise is invaluable and should be shared. If you had a heart problem and could afford the counsel of the world’s leading cardiologists, you would seek their advice. If you owned a business and wanted to expand into China or Russia, you’d want to hear from people who had already done that. If you planned to write a novel or a screenplay, you’d want to get pointers from the world’s leading writers. At Big Think, we put you in contact with the ideas of very smart people.

We do not believe that experts have all the answers. On many subjects deep thinkers disagree. We do believe that we will all make better decisions in our personal and professional lives if our thinking is informed by expert opinion.

Big Think also hosts a series of blogs on various topics -- well worth checking out.  Enjoy!