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Oil May Have Crashed, But Chevron (CVX) Has Left Plenty Of Fuel In Our Tank

|Includes: Chevron Corporation (CVX)

There has been a rapid decline in the price of oil stocks over the past year and "Divi-X" has not been immune to this effect. One of the primary goals at 'The Dividend Times' is to illustrate what an excellent long-term strategy the "Divi-X" system is, which is the purpose of our newly created "Divi-X" Index.

One of the components of the "Divi-X" Index is Chevron (NYSE:CVX), as well as Exxon (NYSE:XOM) but today we're going to take a look at Chevron through the eyes of the "Divi-X" system. The reason we're looking at Chevron instead of Exxon is simply because of the size of its dividend. The "Divi-X" system is a dividend based system, and as such, a greater dividend yield complements the system. We'll get to Exxon in time, since it is our objective to keep everyone up to date on the results of all of the stocks in the "Divi-X" Index but for now, our focus is Chevron.

The "Divi-X" system has been tracking Chevron since June 19, 2009. Since that time, up until July of 2014, Chevron had been flying high, but since then, has come back down to earth with a mighty thud (as well as most in the oil industry). The reason I wanted to highlight Chevron this week, was not to praise how well the "Divi-X" system has done, but to show how well it has held up in light of an industry in turmoil.

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