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Internet Gaming in States, USAT Has a Big Month, Kessler’s New Book, ‘Eat People’, and A Cool Startup-

Well, today is an interesting day as business information just rolls in.  First, NJ Governor Christie vetoes the internet gaming bill the legislature passed.  I predict it gets revised and passes again.  Also, another few states like Iowa, Florida, and California looking at internet gaming passage as well.  I think these states have such large deficits the moral reservations and federal ban are going to get overturned by financial necessity.  Here are the links:

Next, here is a small company which I kept an eye on, no I did not invest in it. but it has a bright future, and naturally the stock popped today, pretty big too.

Read Andy Kessler’s new book, Eat People, and it is good, like all of Kessler’s stuff.  If you are an entreprenuer, recommend it highly.

Finally, if you want to look at what I think is a very cool startup, take a look at this company-