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John Malone and Land, Zynga Insight, Vegas Gaming Revenues, and Schizo’s on Wall Street-

Thursday was an interesting day as the Republicans in Wisconsin finally did the deed, which the Governor will sign soon.  The failure of the turnip truck politicians in Congress that still have not come up with an energy plan, so the public and the financial markets have to endure the current situation, an 11 Trillion dollar economy importing 40-50% of our energy sources from people who hate democracy and free market principles.  What will it take for our “elected representatives (I use the world very loosely)” to wake up- start with passing the Pickens plan on natural gas, even though Boone is talking his book.

Anyway, John Malone becomes the nations largest private land owner- the smart stay smart, and get smarter, and in this case, and others, get wealthier.  Very dignified man.

Next, some insight into the world of Zynga, the Facebook game with millions of users:

Gaming revenues in Nevada are down a bit in January- is Vegas recovering?  Really?  I would say yes, but I am biased.

And another about a Nevada assembly official moving to pass I-gaming in Nevada:

Finally, how about the schizophrenics on Wall Street, one day the economy is recovering, next day, China exports too little, imports too much, jobs number not as good, sell baby sell.  Maybe the issue is the emotional stability of the big money, not the general public.  Reminds me of my daughter- call her Superstar- smiling one second, screaming the next.  One would expect more from well educated adults, but, presents good buying opportunities from time to time.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.