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Great Hoops, Buffett Gives Investment Advice, Watching Even More Video On Line, Longer Too, and the Battle for Online Poker in Nevada.

Well, it was a great weekend of college basketball as Butler vs Florida, Kentucky and Carolina, and Arizona vs Connecticut were all great games- hope everyone enjoyed them. 

It should be an interesting week as the markets are recovering from the kitchen sink- nuclear issues in Japan, Mideast craziness (it seems like it never ends- the problem is the cure may be worse than the disease in Egypt, certainly), price of oil, commodity pressure, a tapped out consumer (wonder about that one).  Anyway, here are some interesting stories which took place over the weekend. 

Seems like Warren has some investment thoughts to consider:

People are watching even more video on line, just slightly, but a lot longer:

Finally, the battle in Nevada over regulating on line poker gets even fiercer- just wonder how it plays out:

Finally, the last week of the quarter always brings some interesting surprises, hopefully all good.  Have a great week everyone.


Yale Bock, CFA

President, Y H & C Investments