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Buffett vs the SEC, The World's Assets are Currently Highly Correlated, Hating the Dollar, and Patience-

Final four weekend was interesting as Butler continues to win with good defense, good shot selection and not turning the ball over.  When you don't mistakes, good things can and usually do happen.  The whole world will be rooting for them tomorrow night vs UCONN. 

The SEC takes on Warren Buffett over stocks he has not sold- I think I know who will be right on this one- thanks to Ajit Vakil of the Value Investing Congress for posting this:

Nice article in the NY Times about the current high correlation of world assets:

Finally, the world continues to hate the dollar, imagine that:

One thing to finally remember, things always change, it may take time, but they always change.  Hope everyone has a great week- waiting on getting the new Y H & C Investments web site up and running.  As always, be patient. 

Yale Bock, CFA

President, Y H &  C Investments