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For Now, Europe Headlines Scare the Market, Google vs Facebook, Growth in A Japanese Retailer, and The Ultimate Mess at Full Tilt (Ponzi Scheme?)

Stock markets around the world continued to be petrified by the European sovereign debt situation, especially with events coming to a head in Greece. Traders just love the headlines and resulting volatility, as they say, buy the dips and sell the rips, which is what is happening. However, more and more I am beginning to notice the market starting to differentiate between performance and lack therof. As a result, the 100% correlations across all asset classes are starting to dissolve, and as earnings season approaches, if the market starts to become unafraid of the Europe situation, profitability, growth, and results will matter, as they always do. Ultimately the European currency issue will get resolved, one way or the other, and stock markets around the world can resume whatever path the companies which comprise them deserve.

A battle which may last a long time: Google vs Facebook-

Interesting that a Japanese retailer can serve up growth:

What a mess in the internet poker space- Full Tilt Poker A Ponzi Scheme?-

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Yale Bock, CFA
President, Y H & C Investments