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Caution Prevails About Europe, Reid Hoffman, Big Media’s Nuclear Option, and A New Budget Proposal!

 In the middle of an earnings season which has been generally pretty positive, the negativity on Wall Street still runs rampant. For I don’t know how long, and it seems like forever, there is always something which can bring the market down. The European Currency Crisis, the Chinese Real Estate and Bank Lending Bubble, the Supercommittee on the Debt Ceiling, a double dip recession, and on and on it goes.

If you are an investor of any kind, you throw in the impact of High Frequency Trading and Quantitative Investors, leveraged ETF’s, and how cheap financing is, and you have a market environment which is far different than anything investors ever visualized or experienced even 3 years ago. Yet, at the end of the day, the same rules for valuing securities are still applicable. It is hard to remember that when every day is up or down 200 points, but the basics are still applicable with investing, at least in my opinion.

A good article about Reid Hoffman, the founder of Linked In, and his current challenges:

Big Media is scared to death about losing its current position so it is going with the nuclear option:

A new budget deal might be taking shape- don’t hold your breath:

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Yale Bock, CFA