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Romney Closes In, Choosing Friends Wisely, Electric Cars Face A Setback, And Walmart Buys A Facebook App!

Well, it looks like the European saga continues on, though the Greek situation may be improving rather quickly, as far as funding is concerned. After three years of talking about it, thinking about, discussing it, negotiating it, my gosh, get on with it. Whenever politicians get involved these days, you know it is going to take forever and get done in a less than thoughtful manner.

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Mitt Romney edges closer and closer to becoming a mathmatical certainty for the Republican nomination. After Alabama and Mississippi this week, at some point other Republicans will start to call for the other candidates to drop out. Whether they listen or care is another story. Watching Newt and Santorum all these months makes me think they could care less and are willing to help the party go down in flames to further their personal ambitions, as unrealistic as they may be.

The Steve Wynn-Kazuo Okada fued shows how important it is to choose your partners as carefully as possible-

Electric cars face a longer road-

Walmart buys a photo sharing and card application from Facebook, showing investors that is still a valuable market-

Earnings reports are winding down, and it should be an interesting end to the first quarter. Will the economy accelerate as the year progresses or will it start to slow down? The first quarter is usually a tepid one, and things slow down in the summer as well. Time will tell and I hope it goes well for all readers. Let me know what you think will happen with the economy!!!

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