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Is Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT) The Next Short?

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CRISPR technology has still a long way of failures and possibly successes down the road before facing the dilemma on having the right science at the bedside test. Preclinical studies produced indeed great results in animal models, though having a driving license does not entitle me to drive Formula One. As many other experimental pre-clinical tests in the academia environment have given great ways to understand science behind a disease (e.g. Stem cells and iPSCs) but failed in the pharma market, at this point it is my opinion CRISPR technology has been launched too soon under the regulatory microscope. This is to say (disclosure) I will be short on Editas Medicine (NASDAQ:EDIT) as soon as the lockup period expires. Though I would be glad if EDIT can overcome all the technical challenges in using CRISPR technology to launch new investigative approaches in the research setting. So far, EDIT is too hyped up (+150% post IPO) by only rumors.