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Has a New Age Arrived?

Here is a potential paradigm changer.
Two Italian academics at the Univ. of Bologna  ( Rossi, an engineer and Focardi, a physicist) have come up with a clean cheap way of producing heat from a small nuclear device using micronized nickel and straight hydrogen plus a catalyst.

The system require minimal fuel  runs at a steady state and produces little to no radioactive residuals. In short it is cheap and clean and offers an answer to two of the worlds greatest problems. Greenhouse gas emissions and energy shortages.

The system has been validated in part by the chief scientist at NASA's Langley Labs,  Dennis Bushnell and the Nobel Laureate Brian Josephson.

The Swedish  university technocrats have also checked it out as reported in  ( English translation available)

The unit  and it's history can be observed by Goggling "Rossi Focardi LENR". 

There is a lot of activity in the European press but strangely none here in the US. 

A Greek company has taken the rights to produce commercial units and a US group has also been formed.

The Greeks claimed to have raised 200 million Euros and plan to produce a spectrum of sized units from a few KW's to 1 Megawatt . 

The company now has a web site which gives some idea of their intentions and published a business plan a few days back.


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Additional disclosure: A web search will display the US firm which claims to have some rights to this technology.