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Liquidity System 2 Buys IWM

 Strength in XLF triggered a buy signal from my financial index 2.  The system had 1756 shares of FLOT, which were sold for $50.861 (the price I got).  There was a $.067 dividend, and so the shares fetched $89,429, which bought 623 shares of IWM at $143.35 (the price I paid).  That price was much higher than where the shares were sold on 8/10.  The Russell 2000 stop-loss level is about 1417.5.  It will stay in that vicinity for more than a month.  The financial index would have to drop about 3% from its close today to trigger a sell.  The index is heavily weighted by XLF, and so a 3% drop in the index value would mostly come from XLF.

The system 1 stop-loss is still at 1399.92, and it will remain there for more than a month.  The financial/RE index would need to drop nearly 4% to signal a sell.

System 3 is based entirely on the R2000, and its stop/loss is has been raised to 1414.46, in the vicinity of where IWM was bought.  This stop-loss will not be raised until the 55-day low on the Russell 2000 goes above that level.

I have no confidence in these signals, but my macro-economic analyses have been wrong for a long time, as have the systems.  These minor fluctuations in a gradually rising market have been hurting, but surely the volatility of old will return in the next year or 2.  I'm really rattled that the Swiss central bank is buying our stocks.  But, the large purchases of Japanese stocks by the BOJ, hasn't done a lot for their stock market.  Weird. 

Disclosure: I am/we are long IWM, TLT, AMJ.