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System 3 Buys IWM

The Russell 2000 hit a 20 day high today.  This is a buy IWM signal for systems 3 and 4, but system 4 will not buy until June 11, if still on buy then.  System 3 had 834 shares of TLT, which fetched $118.03 (at 15.55 EST), and collected $.522 in dividends.  Therefore, the proceeds were $98,872.  This bought 623 shares of IWM.

System 1 will sell TLT and buy IWM tomorrow.  System 2 is very close to a buy signal, as is system 5, but System 2 will not buy until 5/14, and system 5 won't buy before 6/11.

I'm following system 4.  It will sell TLT if the 30-yr T-bond yield exceeds 3.215% at the close of a day.

Disclosure: I am/we are long tlt REM MORL.