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Astellia SA Complete Solutions For Mobile Operators

Astellia SA provides monitoring solutions for mobile operators and equipment vendors worldwide, to around 175 network operators. It offers Usage Analytics, a multidimensional usage analysis and reporting application for data services; Neptune Gn, an intelligent IP probing system for core data network; Cigale LTE, a data network; T&A Xpert for automatic problem diagnosis and optimization; Trending & Aggregation, a key performance indicator trend analysis solution; Handset Profiling; Trouble Ticketing Investigation, a subscriber and service-centric application; VIP Care application that evaluates the quality of service; and Packet Service Monitoring product to deliver quality of experience. The company also provides Cigale Iu, a software suite designed for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing UMTS network and services; Cigale GPRS, a quality of service and performance analysis tool; Roaming GSM that primarily tracks roamers by IMSI; Cigale Abis that provides visibility of the radio behavior; Cigale GSM; MANTA Digital Cross-Connect device to enhance monitoring performance; Ocean probe, a massive capture instrument for data collection for GSM, GPRS and UMTS networks; Cigale Core CS to troubleshoot and get statistics to share information; and Cigale Iub that offers combined IP level and radio level analysis. Its solutions include engineering and optimization, operation and maintenance, marketing and management, and quality and performance solutions. In addition, the company offers products support and consultancy services. The Company supplies its clients worldwide through its subsidiaries, including Astellia Inc, based in the Unites States, Astellia do Brasil Ltda, Astellia South Africa Ltd and Astellia Telecom, based in India. Astellia SA was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Vern sur Seiche, France.