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Jim Cramer Is Bearish On Intel And Why I Bought INTC

|Includes: AAPL, Intel Corporation (INTC)

on Now and then I like to watch Jim Cramer's "Mad Money" show on CNBC to see what direction the wind is blowing. That is, I think Cramer has a very entertaining show, especially if you like shouting and nobody taking the other side of his arguments, but it seems he echoes what is "group think" that tells you "why" a stock is up or down, but does very little for making good, long-term decisions. Sponsors who sell trading strategies love his show as it is easy to sell stocks and advice for stocks that are moving.

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Was yesterday the last chance to buy Intel under $20?

I didn't mention in in my Seeking Alpha article yesterday, Why Intel is a Great Buy (while at $19.75), but I think Intel will probably build chips for Apple (AAPL) in the near future. By the time that is public knowledge (ie Intel chips showing up in tear-downs of Apple products) the stock will probably be $30 and then Cramer will change his tune.

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Disclosure: I am long INTC.