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Powershares QQQQ Reverts Back to QQQ

|Includes: PowerShares QQQ Trust ETF (QQQ)

The NASDAQ just announced it was changing the trading symbol of QQQQ back to QQQ (QQQ charts and Quote) effective immediately.  Bob Brinker's long-term subscribers remember QQQ well.  In fact, if they followed his advice to the letter, then they are still holding a large percentage of their portfolios in this fund well below their purchase price over a decade ago!

The last time Bob Brinker raised cash and lowered his asset allocation from 100% in equities was in early 2000 when he went from 100% equities to 35% equities and 65% money market funds.

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Bob Brinker's advice to his newsletter subscribers in early 2000 was to keep the cash liquid and wait for instructions on how to deploy that cash for short term trading "opportunities.

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