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Someone flick the Switch! China needs some of that phantom Volume..

|Includes: FXI, ProShares UltraShort FTSE China 25 ETF (FXP)

Yea, contrary to popular belief, I'm not at work in the cockpit and before a Reuters/Bloomberg right now.  Thus, courtesy of Yahoo! Finance...

12:23.57am EST 8/28/09
Shanghai: -39.518  2831.112 (-1.37%)
FTSE/Xinhoua China 25: -330.21  17386.07 (-1.90%)
I know, 1.90% is nothing in an EM.  Well, it's something in China right now, with a losing streak gaining steam, especially with all those consumer loans hidden in the markets, looking for quick profits.  Culturally, bankruptcy in China is a socially disgraceful malfeasance of sorts.
No problem, I hear them American exchanges have some Flash Trading software for rent.  There're even some Supplemental Liquidity Programs being offered for 0% financing.  So, open the floodgates, flick the switch, full steam ahead, and {insert other cliche}.  China needs a green number; where will they find one tonight?

Disclosure: Long FXP